Define Nano S (Night King) by LAB501 team


Winter is here! Take a look at this Game of Thrones inspired build by our Romanian friends at LAB501

For eight thousand years there has been peace. Men fought each-other, kingdoms rose and fell, and the terrors of the northern winter became legends... mere memories of long forgotten things that men didn't even thought really existed. But now... winter is coming. And the dead come with it...

Inspired by the Game of Thrones saga, Monstru & Matose built a powerful PC, as dark, cold and powerful as the Night King himself. For that, they went on to assemble the most powerful parts available on the market, like Intel Core i7 6950X, Nvidia Titan X Pascal and Seasonic Prime 850W, in the small but permissive Fractal Design Define Nano S, painted by Shao.

Building such a powerful system in such a small form factor is definitely a challenge, and such a challenge deserves to be shared with others, therefor this build was presented at DreamHack Bucharest 2016.

To take a closer look at the Define Nano S from Lab501, head over to Modding HQ!

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