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The new Adjust 108 fan controller from Fractal Design offers a simple yet clean option to adjust the speed of your case fans. With a brushed aluminum front panel and smooth moving sliders, it does not only emanate quality but also robustness and preciseness.

The Adjust 108 Fan Controller manages a total of six fans with a maximum of 36W per channel, while grouped three by three for ease of use. With a bi-color LED beneath each of the six sliders, the controller shows the speed of the fan not only by the slider itself but also through the color of the LED; white indicates a low RPM and blue a high RPM.

  • A stylish and minimalistic aluminum front covers the fan controller
  • The Adjust 108 is equipped with six (6) fan channels
  • One bi-color LED per channel, where white describes a low RPM and blue a high RPM
  • Intensity jumper for the LEDs, with options of 100% and 50% intensity and an OFF feature
  • Uses only one 5.25" bay

Technical specifications

  • Stylish, minimalistic front in aluminum
  • 6 channels
  • One LED per channel
  • Uses only one 5.25" bay
  • Intensity jumper for the LEDs
  • Vertical sliders
  • 36W per channel
  • Shifting LEDs
  • SATA power connector

Retail package content

  • Fan controller unit in protective bag
  • Four (4) fasting screws
  • Six (6) fan cables
  • User manual
  • One (1) SATA / MOLEX power cable

Additional Information

  • EAN/GTIN-13: 7350041080794
  • UPC: 817301010795
  • Product code: FD-FC-ADJ-108-BL
  • Box quantity: 20pcs

KITGURU.NET 2013-04-19

"Overall we are very impressed with what the Fractal Design Adjust 108 has to offer. It’s clear that Fractal Design have put a lot of effort into the design of this unit as it’s one of the best fan controllers we’ve seen. It features a brushed aluminium faceplate which gives it a beautiful visage that will fit in aesthetically with most cases, including those from Fractal Design themselves. Build quality is also excellent and we have no doubt that this unit will last many years."

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ETEKNIX.COM 2013-01-27

"I love a good fan controller, especially ones that have a minimalist impact on my system’s appearance. I think that fan controllers are often an oversight for many system builders and provide a great way of gaining some extra flexibility from your system, be that when you need maximum cooling for overclocking, benchmarking or gaming, or perhaps keep things quiet for watching a movie or working. Sure you can do a lot of this with software and modern motherboards offer great support over your fans, but you can’t beat the instant results and tactile feed back of using a slider control like you get with the Adjust 108."

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TECHNIC3D.COM 2013-01-27

"Aufgrund der hervorragenden Belastbarkeit der Kanäle, einer ansprechenden Optik, der einfachen Installation und Nutzbarkeit können wir für die Fractal Design Adjust 108 eine Kaufempfehlung aussprechen."

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"Il design minimalista ma ricercato e la qualità dei materiali utilizzati rende questo prodotto attraente e dal notevole impatto visivo, che ben si unisce alla grande varietà di case sul mercato, sia di quelli con linee più aggressive che quelli più sobri ed eleganti."

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"The Fractal Design Adjust 108 is simple to use, elegant, and powerful. It is no more than a simple fan controller, but it is excellent as a fan controller, with a very intuitive operation."

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"O Fractal Design Adjust 108 é simples de usar, elegante e poderoso. Ele é apenas um controlador de ventoinhas simples, mas é excelente nessa tarefa, com uma operação muito intuitiva."

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"Lõppsõna: 36W ühe kanali kohta 5.25 tolline Toetab kuni kuute ventilaatorit LED näitab ventilaatori kohta infot Võimalik valida LED'ide tugevust Võimalik LED'id välja lülitada Alumiiniumist esipaneel Üleni must Valik SATA ja moleks toite vahel"

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TWEAKTOWN.COM 2012-12-19

"The Adjust 108 from Fractal Design has everything you need in a fan controller. Sleek looks, plenty of wattage to power all of your fan needs,and precise control is why you should strongly consider one of these."

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VORTEZ.NET 2012-12-09

"The Fractal Design Adjust 108 is a great fan controller with very good aesthetic qualities and solid, if unremarkable, functionality. Capable of 35W per channel, it will immediately be of interest for those running more exotic cooling setups who nonetheless desire a smart, unassuming 5.25" mounted controller. At near £30 it's more expensive than controllers with similar functionality, yet also far more suitable for systems with chassis doors than many competing solutions."

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TECHNEWS.LT 2012-11-15

"Neabejotinai „Adjust 108“ įkūnija daugiau privalumų nei trūkumų: stilingas minimalistinis dizainas, valdomas LED apšvietimas, kokybiški slankikliai, šeši kanalai po 36 W bei palaikomi tiek 3-pin, tiek 4-pin ventiliatoriai. […] „Adjust 108“ kainai siekiant ~135 litus šis gaminys įkainotas pakankamai konkurencingai. Ir nors šis ventiliatorių valdiklis neįtiks kievienam, galbūt daugelis simpatizuoja „touch“ tipo produktams, tačiau neabejotinai „Adjust 108“ ras kelią į to pirkėjo korpusą, kuris turi masę nuvylusių ventiliatorių, nori minimalistinio dizaino bei garantuotos kokybės."

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BIT-TECH.NET 2012-10-10

"The Adjust 108 is a gorgeous bit of kit that's well-made"

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