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Newton R3 1000W White

Fractal Design Newton R3 Series power supply units (PSUs) provide clean power efficiently and silently. The Newton R3 is the ultimate choice for demanding high-end gaming computers and ultra-quiet media PCs.

The visual appearance of Newton R3 Series PSUs is proof of Fractal Design's commitment to providing innovative computer components infused with stylish, elegant, contemporary Scandinavian design.

Key features

  • 80PLUS® Platinum
  • Single, powerful 12V rail
  • SLI (800W and up) and CrossFireX Certified
  • Long-life ball-bearing fan
  • Modular cables
  • Japanese capacitors
  • Semi-passive fan

80 PLUS® Platinum certified efficiency
Newton R3 Series PSUs meet the highest efficiency specifications currently available for consumer-grade power supplies. This efficiency produces both positive environmental impact, as well as reduces electricity bills. Additionally, because the Newton R3 Series PSUs generate less heat, they provide power at lower fan speeds, which results in reduced noise levels.

Excellent electrical performance
Newton R3 Series PSUs feature excellent DC voltage regulation and ripple suppression; they can deliver their full-rated wattage continuously even with an intake temperature as high as 50°C.

SLI and CrossFireX support
Newton R3 Series PSUs are tested and certified compatible with the latest graphics cards.

Modular Cables 
With the exception of a few, all cables on the Newton series power supplies can be detached from the PSU unit. This reduces the clutter, assists with a clean installation and improves the airflow in the computer case.

Compliant with the latest standards
Newton R3 PSUs are compliant with the latest PSU standards: ATX12V 2.31 and EPS12V2.92.

Semi-passive Fan Operation
Newton R3 Series PSUs generate very little heat, they work well without active cooling in most environmental and loading conditions, especially in a well-ventilated case. Subsequently, Newton R3 Series PSUs are equipped with temperature sensors that only start the fan when required to keep the operating temperature down.

Single powerful 12V rail
To provide maximum support for modern components, Newton R3 Series PSUs deliver their full wattage from a single 12V rail.

Extra-long ATX12V cable
Newton R3 Series PSUs are equipped with a 700mm long 12V ("P4") connector cable, which accommodates bottom-mounted-PSU computer cases.

Long-life Ball-bearing Fan 
Newton R3 Series PSUs are equipped with ball-bearing fans, which provide the longest expected fan life available on the market.

Premium Japanese capacitors
Newton R3 Series PSUs are equipped with premium Japanese capacitors for maximum reliability and durability.


General specifications

Wattage range

  • 600-1000W

80PLUS® Certification

  • Platinum

Modular cables

  • Yes

Fan type

  • 135mm ball-bearing

Maximum operating temperature at full load

  • 50°C

Semi-passive operation

  • Yes


  • Japanese

Colors Available

  • Black
  • White

Case dimensions - W x H x D (mm)

  • 150 x 86 x 165

Life expectancy (MTBF)

  • 100,000 hours at full load

PSU specification compliance

  • ATX 2.31 & EPS 2.92

Package dimensions - W x H x D (mm)

  • 445 x 235 x 145


  • 5 Years

Power Specification

AC Input






90-264V AC


47-63 Hz

Current (115V/230V)


15A/ 7.5A

DC Output









3.3V and 5V combined








5V Standby (+5Vsb)


Total Power




Cable configuration

Connector type & Cable type






ATX 20+4 pins
(fixed cable)


ATX12V/ EPS12V 4+4 pins
(fixed cable)


ATX12V/ EPS12V 8 pins
(modular cable)



PCI-E 6+2 pins
(fixed cable)



PCI-E 6+2 pins
(modular cable)


(modular cable)



(modular cable)


(modular cable)


Package contents

  • Newton R3 PSU in protective bag
  • Modular cables in a cable rollout
  • User's Manual
  • AC Power cord (localized)
  • Velcro cable ties & zip ties
  • Mounting Screw pack

Additional information

  • EAN/GTIN-13: 7350041080886
  • UPC: 817301010887
  • Product code: FD-PSU-NT3W-1000W
  • Masterbox quantity: 4pcs



PCHOME.NET 2013-12-23

"经笔者的实际测试,fractal design NEWTON R3 1000W电源在100%负载下的额定输出功率约为:990.97瓦,fractal design NEWTON R3 1000W电源符合80PLUS白金牌认证的节能水平。fractal design NEWTON R3 1000W电源的转换效率在本次横评当中是最高的,达到了80PLUS白金牌效能。"

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GAMEZOOM.NET 2013-10-29

"Das Newton R3 weiß 1000W bietet eine exzellente Technik, hochwertige Verarbeitungsqualität, geringe Geräuschentwicklung und, dem Eco-Trend folgend, hohen Wirkungsgrad."

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Award from TweakTown.com

TWEAKTOWN.COM 2013-09-16

"Fractal Design does a great job of putting everything together and they don't cut any corners. The Newton R3 1000W is a great unit in almost every way, especially concerning your wallet."

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Award from Cowcotland.com


"Avec cette toute nouvelle R3, Fractal Design frôle le sans faute. En effet, avec son prix raisonnable, sa grosse certification, ses tensions excellentes, ses consommations très modérées et sa bonne finition, la newton a tout pour plaire, ou presque. Read more at http://www.cowcotland.com/articles/1350-4/test-alimentation-fractal-design-newton-r3-1000w.html#avJ8Bv77U5C2P3w5.99"

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Award from GreenTechReviews.ru


"Fractal Design Newton R3 1000W (FD-PSU-NT3W-1000W) станет отличным выбором не только для топовой игровой системы, но и для энтузиастов, которые хотят собрать красивый системный блок в белом цвете."

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Award from Occlub.ru

OCCLUB.RU 2013-05-09

"у Fractal Design получился тихий, мощный и очень красивый блок питания. Награда OCClub - вполне заслуженная."

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Award from JonnyGURU.com

JONNYGURU.COM 2013-04-29

"It only took one single review for Fractal Design to walk right in here, toss me a unit, and instantly prove that this is a company that means business when it comes to power supplies. Everything done wrong on this unit is rather minor, and everything done right speaks volumes. When you can come in here with an OEM hardly anybody knows or talks about and beat Seasonic at their own stability game, that really tells me all I need to know about your company. Folks, Fractal wants your business and from what I've seen today they most definitely deserve it."

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Award from ElektronikTest.dk


"Kanon, flot og fed strømforsyning hvor der er kræset for alle de små detaljer, som gør den meget attraktiv både for testeren, gameren, casemodderen og den helt almindelige PC bruger. Selve strømforsyningen er lavet i stærke materialer og er lakeret med en god og stærk pulvermaling, så den ikke bliver ridset. Kablerne og kabelsokkerne er ovenud lækre og er udført i virkelig gode materialer, som bare gør det en fryd at arbejde med. Dette er klart en af de bedste og mest high-end strømforsyninger jeg har arbejdet med, alt er bare i orden. Der er næsten ingen støj under normal brug, den er faktisk passiv helt op til 40º og der skal meget til før den begynder at blæse så meget at man kan høre det."

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Award from HiTechLegion.com


"In the Newton R3, Fractal Design is introducing a semi-passive cooling system which has fan activity only when loads are above 50%, allowing for the quietest possible operation. This is made possible through incredibly efficient design coupled with excellent passive cooling characteristics. This same efficiency allows the Newton R3 to pack a 1000W PSU into a 165mm long chassis without having need for a larger footprint. While the chassis is small, connection options on the Newton R3 are large, with fixed 20+4-pin, 4+4-pin and four 6+2 PCIe, with modular cables adding 12 SATA, five 4-pin peripheral plus an additional 8-pin CPU connector. All modular cables are flat black ribbon cables for ease of routing, with varying lengths to keep cable clutter to a minimum. Six way protection circuitry keeps your equipment out of harm’s way, while Fractal Design backs the Newton R3 1000W with a 5-Year Warranty."

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Award from Kitguru.net

KITGURU.NET 2013-03-12

"The Fractal Design NEWTON R3 1000W is an attractively designed power supply which makes a positive first impression. The packaging and bundle is indicative of a premium priced product and we particularly welcomed the resealable felt bag with individual pouches for all the modular cabling. The load regulation is excellent and the unit coped well with our stress inducing cross load tests. Efficiency is truly excellent and the semi fanless mode means that the NEWTON R3 is quiet under most circumstances. The fan only spins up noticeable over a sustained 700W load."

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"To wrap up, the Newton R3 100W is a fine unit with extra-high efficiency throughout its entire load range and ultra-stable DC outputs."

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