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Newton R2 800W, 80 PLUS

Smart Modular, 80 PLUS and single 12V rail!

The key features

  • Dedicated single 12V-rail, powering a total of 60A
  • 100% real wattage - this PSU delivers what it claims to do!
  • Smart Modular - all modular cables have the same type of connection, making it easy to connect the way you want and also making it future proof
  • Silent (135mm fan) and 80 PLUS certified - save your ears and the environment
  • Quality - Durability and extremely low failure rate
  • Five years warranty

Smart Modular!
With having an universal connection from the PSU, it makes it easier to connect your perihperals the way you want.

The power and efficiency - 80 PLUS!
When you buy a Fractal Design power supply, you can rest assured that you get what you pay for. 100% real wattage, we guarantee that it can run with continous load on the specified wattage. One other important factor with this PSU is that it has a very good efficiency, well over 80% and 80 PLUS certified by the 80 PLUS organisation.

The silence
Apart from being powerful, this power supply won't break your ears. On the contrary, it will be hard to know if it's actually running or not! With a hand picked, high quality 135mm fan mounted with rubber fittings, the fan will only spin as much as needed under the different loads. The high efficiency of well over 80% is crucial, since it minimizes the heat the power supply emits, enabling the fan to spin at lower speeds and be more silent.

The Quality
5 yearEvery manufacturer claims to have this, but we have real life numbers to show: less than 1% in RMA rate is an impressively low number. We value durability when creating our power supplies, we never choose to save costs when choosing the components inside the power supply. As an example, we use long durable japanese capacitors in the PSU.


  • 80 PLUS certified
  • 800W continous load capacity, 1000W peak load capacity
  • At normal load (<350W) the fan speed will be lower than 670rpm
  • Extra long cables to support full tower cases
  • Industrial grade, high quality Japanese capacitors for optimal performance and reliability
  • Active PFC delivers clean and reliable power
  • Supports ATX12V 2.3, EPS12V 2.91/2.92 and older ATX12V v2.01
  • Full range universal input 115V-230V
  • Over Current/Voltage/Power Protection, Under Voltage Protection and Short Circuit Protection
  • Safety approvals for CE, EMC and LVD
  • Multi-language manual
  • Size (D x W x H, mm): 165 x 150 x 86

Cable configuration

1x 20/24-pin, 1x 8pin(4+4pin), 4x PCI-Express, 12x SATA connectors, 10x Molex 4-pin connectors, 1x Floppy

Fixed cables

  • 1x 20/24-pin, 65cm long
  • 1x 8(4+4)-pin, 65cm long

Modular cables

  • 4x PCI-express 8-pin(6+2) cable, each 45cm long
  • 2x SATA cable, 4 connectors, total 95cm long
  • 1x SATA cable, 4 connectors, total 80cm long
  • 1x Molex 4-pin cable, 4 connectors, total 95cm long
  • 1x Molex 4-pin cable, 4 connectors, total 80cm long
  • 1x Molex 4-pin/Floppy cable, 2+1 connectors, total 65cm long
DC Output Max load Max output
+3.3V 24A 170W (combined +3.3V and +5V)
+5V 30A 170W (combined +3.3V and +5V)
+12V 60A 720W
-12V 0.5A 6W
+5VSB 3A 15W
Total combined power   800W

Additional information

  • EAN/GTIN-13: 7350041080237
  • Product code: FD-PSU-NEWT2-800
  • Box quantity: 4pcs
Award from ocreviews.net

ocreviews.net 2011-04-09

"Posto isto, podemos concluir que com cerca de 170€, conseguimos obter uma fonte com bastante potência e o que todos queres, bastante silenciosa. OC Reviews Gold award product."

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Award from Overclockers Tech

Overclockers Tech 2010-07-01

"Fractal have created a beautiful yet powerful and remarkably stable power supply unit (given the right conditions). The design is up there with the best from the likes of Corsair and Silverstone with top quality components used throughout and a stunningly crafted finish."

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Nexthardware 2010-04-15

"Fractal Design è una delle nuove promettenti aziende entrate nel mondo IT. I campi di specializzazione sono alimentatori, sistemi di raffreddamento, cabinet e accessori per lo storage e l'home theater. Tutti i prodotti sono caratterizzati dal tipico design minimalista scandinavo (Ikea docet) e giocano sul semplice contrasto tra tonalità di colori (bianco e nero) e linee essenziali."

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Award from 59 Hardware

59 Hardware 2009-12-21

"On Aime! Stabilité. Discrétion. Connectique complète. Finition. Garantie de 5 ans."

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Hardware.info 2009-12-21

"Fractal Design is een nieuw merk dat in Nederland sinds kort beschikbaar is via importeur Space Promotions. Wij bekeken twee voedingen uit de Newton R2 reeks, een 800W en 1000W. Ook dit zijn moderne voedingen waarbij het volledige beschikbare 12V vermogen uit één rail komt, net als bij Corsair. Voor de 800W is er 60A, voor de 1000W is er 75A. De beloofde Wattages worden keurig waargemaakt en een gemiddelde efficiëntie van 85,5% en 85,3% is gemiddeld te noemen in deze test. Het geluid is lekker laag."

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Award from Real World Labs

Real World Labs 2009-12-06

"We have reached a place in time where even new companies produce very good products almost from the beginning and although i can't really predict if this will turn out to be a good thing still for the time being competition always benefits the consumer and that is certainly good. Fractal Design has been around for a short period of time and have already managed to make a name for themselves inside the EU not only due to their high quality solutions but also because of their design. As far as the Newton R2 800W goes it is a great power supply capable of powering a beast of a system without a glitch."

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Award from Hardwareoverclock.com

Hardwareoverclock.com 2009-09-14

"Das Fractal-Design Newton R2 - 800 Watt überzeugt durch sehr gute Verarbeitung und angenehme Laufruhe. Stabilität wird ebenfalls sehr groß geschrieben. Das Hauptaugenmerk liegt hier ganz klar bei SLI, Quad SLI und Triple Crossfire. Anschlüsse dafür hätte man genug, Leistung und Stabilität auch. Von uns gibt es ein dickes PLUS!"

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