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Kelvin S24

Simple to install, silent operation, powerful performance and easy expandability define the Kelvin Series.  The silent high-performance ceramic pump is strong enough to support considerable expansion, should you decide to include GPU blocks and/or additional radiators in the same loop.

The Kelvin Series water cooling systems are constructed from enthusiast class components. Both the CPU block and the radiator are made from pure copper, for maximum performance and an increased product life span with zero maintenance required.

All modern CPU sockets are supported by the versatile, easy-to-use mounting kit.

Key features

  • Fantastic cooling performance
    • The strong pump and the full-copper construction places the Kelvin Series water cooling system ahead of the pack in cooling performance.
    • Pump resistor included for the ability to optimize the system to a lower noise level, while maintaining impressive performance levels
    • Dynamic GP-12 PWM fans for quiet operation with significantly large airflow
    • Wide PWM speed range, 500-2000 RPM, providing accurate and better fan speed control with quieter operation
  • Expandable system. Just open it up to get the full benefits of custom water cooling, with the ability to add any components you want to the loop, such as a graphics card cooler.
    • High pressure pump allows strong water flow rates even when an additional CPU or GPU water block or an additional radiator has been added to the loop.
    • Standard G 1/4" thread fittings for compatibility with the vast majority of enthusiast water cooling products.
    • The tubes are fastened with two-part brass fittings, providing a secure seal while being easy to open and re-seal with a standard wrench.
    • Easy refilling with dedicated fill port. Extra strong fill port that can be accessed by hand, with an allen key or with a coin for easy durable handling.
  • Made with enthusiast-grade components developed in cooperation with Alphacool
    • Highly reliable ceramic bearing pump, with custom tuned maximum RPM for the optimal balance between performance and noise level
    • made with a revolutionary copper/nylon radiators
    • Full copper CPU Water block design featuring strategic jet plate improvements
  • Avilable in many radiator configurations
    • Available with a triple fan radiator, a 30mm thick 360, providing a much larger area than nearly all other pre-filled water cooling units
    • Also available in the two most common formats: thin 240mm and thick 120mm
  • Long lifetime. The performance of most pre-filled water cooling systems degrade quite significantly over time,  because of galvanic corrosion and water loss.
    • Galvanic corrosion occurs over time when two metals with different galvanic potential (such as aluminum and copper) are in contact. It can be slowed with anti-corrosion additives in the water, but the best way to maintain performance over time is to use metals with similar galvanic potential. The Kelvin Series water cooling system is constructed with pure copper in both the radiator and the water block, along with brass fittings.
    • To avoid the common issue of most pre-filled water cooling units (that tend to lose performance over time due to water loss in the tubes), Fractal Design equipped the Kelvin series with a fill dedicated port.

General Specifications:

  • Block/pump assembly measurements: 69*69*40 mm 
  • Tubing Measurements: 320mm long, 11mm outer and 8mm inner diameter 
  • Fitted with anti-kink coils for worry-free installation 
  • Kelvin S24 Radiator Measurements: 30*124*275mm 
  • Thread class for fill port and all tube fittings: G 1/4" 
  • Supported sockets:  Intel: 775,1150,1151,1155,1156,1366,2011,2011-v3; AMD: AM2,AM2+,AM3,AM3+,FM1,FM2,FM2+ 
  • Fans included: 2 pcs
  • Fractal Design Zero™ Thermal Paste ; 1 g syringe, sufficient for multiple mountings 
  • Colors Available: Black 
  • Net weight - Base unit only, not including mounting or fans: 1.2 kg
  • Net weight - Dynamic GP-12 PWM fan, per fan: 159 g
  • Net weight - Total excluding packaging and manual. Includes fans, mounting kit for all platforms, cooling paste (including packaging for the cooling paste) and adapter cable: 1.8 kg
  • Package dimensions - W x H x D: 350*250*151 mm
  • Package weight: 2.5 kg

Fan Specification:

  • Fractal Design Dynamic GP-12 PWM fans
  • 500 - 2000 RPM
  • PWM control 
  • Max air flow: 87.6 CFM 
  • Max pressure: 2.30 mm H2O 
  • Acoustical noise: 32.2 dB(A) 
  • DC 12V, 0.20A 


Pump Specification:

  • Ceramic bearing 
  • 2400 RPM 
  • Voltage control 
  • Maximum water flow: 72 l/h 
  • Maximum pressure: 1.0 m H2O 
  • Acoustical noise: 25.0 dB(A) 
  • DC 12V, 0.27A 

Package contents

  • Fractal Design Kelvin S24 pre-assembled Water Cooling Unit
  • 2 Fractal Design Dynamic GP-12 PWM controlled fans
  • Intel 775,1150,1155,1156,1366 mounting hardware (including back plate)
  • Intel 2011,2011-v3 mounting hardware
  • AMD AM2,AM2+,AM3,AM3+,FM1,FM2,FM2+ mounting hardware
  • PWM splitter cable
  • Low speed cable for pump (9V)
  • Fractal Design Zero™ Thermal Paste, 1g Syringe
  • Long and short radiator mounting screws
  • User manual

Additional Information:

  • Product number:Kelvin S24 FD-WCU-KELVIN-S24-BK
  • EAN Code:7350041082569
  • UPC code: 817301012560 


Block/pump assembly measurements

  • 69*69*40 mm

Tubing Measurements

  • 320mm long, 11mm outer and 8mm inner diameter
  • Fitted with anti-kink coils for worry-free installation

T12 Radiator Measurements

  • 46*132*163 mm

S24 Radiator Measurements

  • 30*124*275

S36 Radiator Measurements

  • 30*124*397

Thread class for fill port and all tube fittings

  • G 1/4"

Supported sockets

  • Intel: 775,1150,1155,1156,1366,2011
  • AMD: AM2,AM2+,AM3,AM3+,FM1,FM2,FM2+

Fans included

  • 2 pcs (T12 & S24)
  • 3 pcs (S36)

Fan Specification

  • Fractal Design Silent Series HP 120 mm
  • 800 - 1700 RPM
  • PWM control
  • Max air flow: 62.4 CFM
  • Max pressure: 2.33 mm H2O
  • Acoustical noise: 26.9 dB(A)
  • DC 12V, 0.18A

Pump Specification

  • Ceramic bearing
  • 2400 RPM
  • Voltage control
  • Maximum water flow: 72 l/h
  • Maximum pressure: 1.0 m H2O
  • Acoustical noise: 25.0 dB(A)
  • DC 12V, 0.27A

Thermal Paste

  • Fractal Design Zero™ Thermal Paste
  • 1 g syringe, sufficient for multiple mountings

Colors Available

  • Black

ITPC.NET.PL 2016-07-06

"Firma Fractal Design stworzyła naprawdę dobry układ chłodzenia. Wzorowa jakość wykonania oraz nienaganna wydajność to gwarancja idealnych warunków pracy dla poszczególnych elementów komputera. Dodatkowo możliwość dołożenia bloku na karcie graficznej, chłodnicy czy rezerwuaru są kolejnym rozszerzeniem funkcjonalności produktu."

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DDWORLD.CZ 2016-02-16

"K vodním AIO setům jsem byl vždycky trošku skeptický a to hlavně z hlediska použitých materiálů, nebo z hlediska kvality pumpy a tedy očekávané nízké životnosti, chladícího výkonu nebo hlučnosti. Spolupráce se společností Alphacool se ale firmě Fractal vyplatila a tento vodní set si troufám označit za jeden z nejlepších AIO setů na trhu."

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HW-JOURNAL.DE 2015-01-27

"Neben der Kelvin S36 zeigt sich auch die in diesem Artikel vorgestellte S24 auf einem sehr hochwertigem Niveau. Ob nun in Punkto Verarbeitungsqualität oder Kühlleistung, beides stimmt wie die Faust aufs Auge."

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TECHNIC3D.COM 2015-12-21

"Dank der ansprechenden Optik, der sehr guten Kühlleistung, des soliden Montage-Kits, der ordentlichen Verarbeitung, des guten Lieferumfangs und vor allem wegen den Umfangreichen Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten vergeben wir für den Kelvin S24 aus dem Hause Fractal Design eine Kaufempfehlung sowie den Technic3D Silber-Award."

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 MYGARAGE.RO 2015-10-29

"Principala caracteristica a modelului Kelvin S24 este posibilitatea de a extinde coolerul, oferind flexibilitate in utilizare pe termen lung. In timpul testarii, coolerul s-a comportat exemplar, instalarea fiind usoara iar temperaturile foarte bune.
Constructia si calitatea materialelor utilizate sunt foarte bune, coolerul folosind imbinari din alama cu dimensiuni standard. 
Fractal Design a actualizat coolerul adaugand un plus de performanta si usurand si mai mult procesul de montare. 
In concluzie, modelul Kelvin S24 se face remarcat prin modularitate si performanta si cu aspectul minimalist caracteristic Fractal Design. Singurul inconvenient al acestui produs poate fi pretul."

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TECHKILLER.PL 2015-09-01

"Tak naprawdę dopatrzyliśmy się tylko dwóch mankamentów. Pierwszy to problem z montażem kości RAM w pierwszym slocie na niektórych płytach głównych, lecz tę trudność można przeskoczyć, obracając blok w którąś stronę. Drugi to fakt, że cena na tle konkurencji mimo wszystko jest dość wysoka i mogłaby być nieco niższa."

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PCLAB.PL 2015-07-28

"Kelvin S24 i S36 to dobry wybór dla tych, którzy potrzebują wydajnego chłodzenia podkręconych podzespołów lub ciszy w mniej wyżyłowanych ustawieniach, a którzy z jakichś powodów nie chcą budować od podstaw zestawu opartego na cieczy."

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WATERMOD.NET 2015-06-10

"Commercialisés respectivement autour de 120, 140 et 170eur, ces Fractal Kelvin T12, S24 et S36 se posent comme de sérieux rivaux auprès de la concurrence. Avec de bonnes performances, un look sobre et classe, une modularité que peu d'autres AIO possèdent, ils ont de quoi séduire un public aussi bien amateur qu'averti."

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"Overall the Fractal Design Kelvin S24 is undeniably amongst the best AIO liquid CPU coolers on the market today. It has the build quality, elegant aesthetics, whilst offering great thermal performance with a very small amount of noise produced."

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OCAHOLIC.CH 2015-04-15

"Nehmen wir uns der Kühlleistung dieser Wasserkühlung an, dann sehen wir, dass die Kelvin S24 All-in-One-Wasserkühlung bei 7V und 12V jeweils im vorderen Vierteil unserer Vergleichstabllen auftaucht."

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EUROGAMER.DK 2015-05-12

"Understøtter dit kabinet storebroren S36, så er prisforskellen bestemt retfærdiggjort, men hvis det kniber med pladsen, så er S24 stadig en løsning der yder over forventning - og med et design der matcher."

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"Hög kvalitet och möjlighet till expansion får Fractal Design Kelvin S24 att sticka ut."

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MODDING.FR 2015-04-08

"Bref, ce coup d’essai est un coup de maitre et félicitations à Fractal Design qui nous propose un produit très performant et esthétiquement très réussi pour un peu moins de 115€."

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TECHICIZE.COM 2015-04-22

"The Kelvin S24 is huge step away from being just another AIO cooler, the fact it can be expanded and upgraded bridges even further across the gap of standard sealed products and a true custom kit."

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"Jeg må sige at det er et lækkert produkt, som ser super godt ud og giver muligheder for at udvide, til et større system."

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DVTESTS.COM 2015-03-15

"Brilliant job from Fractal Design! This is their first attempt in this cooling segment and they definitely did their homework. Kelvin S24 is one of the best AIO liquid cooling 240mm radiators I have tested so far. Build quality is superb and we have to give it to them that all the proper research was done before releasing this on the market.[...]Kelvin S24 is easy to install, easy to use and quite an amazing piece of cooling equipment. I have to admit I had my doubts about these three new coolers, but I should have thought twice – outstanding work."

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"Fair ist unter diesen Gesichtspunkt auch der Preis. Für 120 Euro bekäme man CPU-Kühler, Pumpe und Radiator nicht einzeln gekauft, hier gibt es noch Lüfter und Anschlüsse dazu."

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 "Vuoden vaihteessa markkinoille on julkaistu useita esitäytettyjä nestecoolereita prosessorille ja otimme Muropaketin testiin viisi 240 mm:n kennolla varustettua jäähdytystä."

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TWEAK.DK 2015-01-30

  "De præsenterer også nogle rimelige priser, og det sætter jeg især op imod det faktum, at kølerne let og enkelt kan udvides til at køle grafikkort, chipsets, RAM, VRM eller hvad man nu måtte ønske. Det er faktisk kun fantasien, og ultimativt selvfølgelig pumpens liter pr. time, der sætter begrænsningen. Jeg tildeler testen en samlet score på 9, hvoraf T12 desværre må nøjes med 7.5, mens S24 rammer 8, og S36 bliver vinderen af det flotte 9-tal og en Great Product Award."

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VORTEZ.NET  2015-01-09

"Fractal Design has done a great job in ensuring the bundle for the S24 covers all eventualities – this cooler can accommodate multiple sockets from Intel and AMD and comes with a full tubed of thermal paste. Build quality is also something which resonates throughout this product, to all components."

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"If you are looking for an affordable, upgradable, all-in-one liquid CPU cooler of high quality, make sure to take a good hard look at the Fractal Design Kelvin S24. It might just be what you need to keep your CPU or other components nice and cool!"

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OVERCLOCK3D.NET  2015-01-12

"Fitting the S24 is a piece of piddle, If you've fitted as many coolers as we have you'll be familiar with the sense of impending doom that gathers as you reach the point in the proceedings when you find out just how much time and effort someone has taken to ensure that your experience of fitting a cooler leaves you mentally and sometimes physically scarred.  Not so with the S24, the Kelvin series are amongst the easiest AIO systems we've ever fitted.[..]a well earned Silence award is in the bag."

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TWEAKERS.NET  2014-12-17

"De koelers van Fractal Design maken gebruik van een pomp die samen met waterkoelspecialist Alphacool ontwikkeld. Bovendien is het systeem, anders dan menig all-in-one-systeem, uitbreidbaar. Zo kan een extra koelblok voor bijvoorbeeld een gpu aan het systeem worden toegevoegd en kan de koelcapaciteit middels een extra radiator worden uitgebreid. De prestaties op het gebied van koeling zijn redelijk."

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"Le S24 aura plus de chance de trouver chaussure à son pied -ou boitier à son radiateur- les emplacements de 240 étant plus répandus. Dans les deux cas, vous ne vous tromperez pas puisque les performances offertes sont plutôt bonnes et positionnent bien les deux modèles testés.Nous n'irons pas jusqu'à dire que les Kelvin sont silencieux, mais ils font clairement partie des moins bruyants!"

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HEXUS.NET  2014-12-09

"Good build quality and a thoughtful bundle help account for the fee, and as a mid-pack offering for performance users, the 240mm Kelvin S24 is a capable package that tackles overclocked CPUs with ease. Straightforward installation is part of the appeal, and in clearing the clutter from around the CPU socket, the S24 can be a key component in achieving an attractive PC build."

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ALLAROUND-PC  2014-12-09

"Fractal Design ist der Einstieg in den Markt der Kompaktwasserkühlungen gut gelungen. Die Kelvin S24 überzeugt uns durch eine einwandfreie Verarbeitung und gute Kühlleistung. Der Einbau der Wasserkühlung ist gut gelöst und in kurzer Zeit zu meistern"

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GAMEZOOM.NET  2014-12-09

"Das Wakü-Erstlingswerk von Fractal Design weiß zu gefallen. Neben der sauberen Verarbeitungsqualität und sehr guten Kühlleistung spricht auch das sichere Montagesystem für die S24."

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 CNEWS.CZ 2014-12-09

"Fractal Design Kelvin S24 mě velmi překvapil. Ani při tichém režimu neměl set problém uchladit přetaktovaný procesor. Pokud tedy nechcete investovat do plnohodnotného vodního okruhu, je pro vás Kelvin S24 jasná volba."

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