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Core 1500

The Core 1500 is the extremely compact micro ATX Mini Tower of the x5 Series. It's a a small footprint case, that does not compromise on key features. It boasts a clean, modern exterior coupled with class-leading compatibility and cooling, all at an attractive price point. The Core 1500 comes equipped with two pre-installed 120mm fans, a built-in three-speed fan controller as well as support for up to two 240mm water cooling radiators for excellent cooling potential.

 Up to four 3.5" or 2.5" hard drives can be fitted in the vibration dampened hard drive trays with an additional dedicated SSD mounting placed behind the power supply position. A beautiful build is easy to achieve with the black/white contrasted interior and well-designed cable routing capabilities.

Key features 

  • An extremely compact micro ATX case with bottom-mounted PSU, designed for exceptional airflow and cooling
  • Brushed aluminum-look front panel with a sleek, three-dimensional textured finish
  • Superior water cooling support for its size, supporting up to two 240mm radiators
  • Featuring a 120mm rear exhaust fan for exceptional cooling
  • Supports tall CPU cooler towers, up to about 162mm in height
  • Total 7 fan slots with two 120mm fans included
  • Featuring an integrated three-speed fan controller
  • Extruded motherboard plate allowing space for additional cable routing; 18.5mm around the motherboard and 13.5mm directly behind it
  • Multiple easy-to-clean dust filters designed into the case to help maintain a dust free interior
  • Four vibration dampening hard drive trays for up to four 3.5" HDDs, all compatible with 2.5" drives
  • HDD trays split into two cages and strategically positioned with a large space in between to support all long graphics cards up to a maximum length of 380mm, with all hard drive trays in plac
  • One additional SSD position behind the PSU area with easy installation and access


  • Mini ITX, Micro ATX motherboard compatibility
  • 2 - 5.25" bays (maximum 185mm in length)
  • 4 - 3.5" HDD trays - all compatible with SSDs
  • 1 - 2.5" dedicated SSD unit position
  • 4 expansion slots
  • Supports graphic card up to 380mm without any HDD removal
  • Support cooling system: 7 Fan positions (2 fans included)
  • Filtered fan slots in front and bottom
  • CPU coolers up to 162 mm in height
  • Integrated fan controller on backside 
  • Supports ATX PSUs up to 155 mm deep when using the primary bottom fan location; when not using this fan location longer PSUs can be used
  • 13.5-18.5 mm of space for cable routing behind the motherboard plate
  • Available in Black
  • Case dimensions (WxHxD):195 x 370 x 450mm 
  • Net weight: 5.2 kg
  • Package dimensions (WxHxD): 270 x 547 x 432mm
  • Package weight: 6.3kg

Cooling system

  • Front: 2 - 120mm fans (included is 1 Fractal Design silent 120mm fan, 1200 RPM speed) OR 1 - 140mm fan (not included), placed near ODD cage OR 1 - 140mm fan (not included), placed near case bottom 
  • Rear: 1 - 120mm fan (included is 1 Fractal Design silent 120mm fan, 1200 RPM speed)
  • Top: 2 - 120/140mm fan (not included)
  • Bottom: 1 - 120mm fan (not included, PSU length limits apply) OR 1 - 120mm fan (not included, requires removal of lower HDD cage) OR 1 - 140mm fan (not included, requires removal of lower HDD cage
  • Side: 1 -140mm fan (not included)
  • 1 - integrated fan controller on the backside for up to 3 fans

Water Cooling compatibility

  • Front – Slim 240mm radiator (with lower HDD cage moved, upper HDD cage removed and lower ODD slot unused)
  • Top – Slim 240mm radiator (with upper ODD slot occupied by a device no longer than 150mm and with no components on the upper 23 mm on the motherboard that are taller than 34mm)
  • Rear – 120 mm radiator

Front interface

  • 2 - USB 3.0
  • Audio in/out
  • Power button with LED (white)
  • HDD activity LED (white)
  • Reset button

Package contents

  • Core 1500 computer case
  • Accessory box
  • User manual

Additional information

  • EAN:7350041081937
  • UPC: 817301011938
  • Product code: FD-CA-CORE-1500-BL 

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"Coraz więcej na rynku jest użytkowników preferujących obudowy stworzone do montażu płyt głównych w formacie mini-ATX. Z drugiej strony, pasjonaci Ci, nie chcą odbierać sobie przyjemności posiadania prestiżu marki zgranej z wysoką jakością wykonania takich skrzynek. To dla nich szwedzki producent Fractal Design przygotował ciekawie wyglądającą obudowę nazwaną Core 1500.."

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"The Fractal Design Core 1500 by itself is typical Fractal Design quality with a very solid paint work and the added look of brushed anodized aluminum in the front panel though it is ABS Plastic and it all matches gracefully. The air flow is well engineered and the availabilities of different radiators and sizes give this case a big step up from its competitors."

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RAZORMAN.NET 2015-02-13

"La caja Fractal Design Core 1500 a pesar de su formato Mini Torre ofrece una amplitud interior sorprendente: podremos instalar coolers de hasta 162mm de altura y tarjetas gráficas de hasta 380 mm de longitud sin retirar ninguna bahía interna, además de poder colocar 2 dispositivos de 5,25″ o bien otros 4 dispositivos de 3,5/2,5″, y sin la utilización de herramientas."

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GAMEIT.ES  2014-12-23

"Teniendo en cuenta que hablamos de una torre de dimensiones reducidas, estamos ante un producto de gran calidad. Los detalles como la capacidad de albergar gráficas de grandes dimensiones o su gran capacidad de refrigeración son el distintivo de este modelo, lo que hace a la Fractal Design Core 1500 merecedora de nuestro galardón dorado."

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TECHNIC3D.COM  2014-06-11

"USB-3.0-Ports sind vorhanden, die Festplattenkäfige sind modular aufgebaut und das Kühlsystem ist gut erweiterbar und mit Gimmicks wie der Lüftersteuerung und den Staubfiltern ausgestattet."

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 HARDWARELUXX.DE  2014-06-11

"Egal ob ein Mini-Tower, ein günstiger Midi-Tower oder ein voluminöser Midi-Tower für anspruchsvollere Hardware gesucht wird - die neue Core x5-Serie hält ein passendes Modell mit gutem Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis bereit. Die Gehäuseserie ist vor allem für Käufer attraktiv, die optisch und akustisch unauffällige Gehäuse bevorzugen, dabei aber nicht auf eine gute Ausstattung verzichten möchten"

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TWEAKPC.DE  2014-06-26

"Staubfilter, USB 3.0, viel Platz für Lüfter und lange Grafikkarten, was die Basisausstattung betrifft, lässt die Core-Serie kaum Wünsche offen. Und es geht sogar noch weiter. In der Preisklasse eher selten zu finden sind laufruhiger Lüfter inklusive Lüftersteuerung."

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