Core 500

Core 500机箱特别适合偏爱小巧紧凑型机箱的用户。使用该系列机箱产品时,用户无需作出任何妥协,可随心所欲选择自己所需配件组装电脑。

  • 前面板经抛光、立体网纹处理,呈现铝质拉丝外观效果。
  • 紧凑型设计机箱,容量仅19.5公升。


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Core 500

该款机箱自带一台Silent系列R3 140mm风扇,自身便可创造极佳的散热条件。该款机箱预留足够的空间来安装另外两台140mm的风扇、高达280mm的水冷散热排或者高达170mm的空气冷却器,可轻易实现进一步拓展机箱散热能力的愿望。

此外,Core 500系列机箱可以兼容一个光驱安装槽、三个3.5″的硬盘驱动器和三个2.5″的硬盘驱驱动器。该机箱内部容量仅仅19.5公升,但用户可最大程度地使用整个机箱每一平方毫米的空间,无需任何妥协和牺牲。


  • 前面板经抛光、立体网纹处理,呈现铝质拉丝外观效果。

  • 紧凑型设计机箱,容量仅19.5公升。

  • 该系列机箱产品水冷散热性能极佳,可兼容长280mm的散热器。

  • 驱动器安装槽设置巧妙,空间足够用户同时安装三个3.5"驱动器、三个2.5"驱动器和一个5.25"驱动器。

  • 支持Mini-ITX主板、ATX电源供应器以及长达310mm的显卡。

  • 机箱侧面和顶部进气口处皆安装有大型的磁性防尘过滤网,同时还安装有PSU防尘过滤网,可确保机箱内部洁净、无尘。

  • 支持巨型CPU冷却器,高度上限可达170mm。

  • 该系列机箱产品自带Fractal Design的Silent系列R3 140mm风扇,散热性能显著。

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"Striving to be smaller than your average PC but staying just large enough to accommodate common components, Core 500 is well-put together and logically laid out so as to accept a powerful CPU and GPU combination, as well as up to half-a-dozen SSDs/HDDs." 阅读更多
"The Fractal Design Core 500 looks like a simple case but it is more sophisticated and subtle than it first appears.[...]Fractal Design has delivered a cheap and versatile Mini-ITX case."
"At a price tag of around 60 US dollars, the chassis is really affordable, but of great build quality. The interior—albeit very traditional for a chassis of this shape—is functional. Considering you will always have to make compromises when installing liquid cooling into a case as this, Fractal Design's Core 500 manages to avoid all restrictive issues outside of its sheer size with the exception of the PSU's length. With the ability to install six hard drive and an ODD while opting for a potent, large, and quiet air-cooling solution, the chassis has a lot to offer, coming in at a price/performance/quality ratio that is better than with most of the competition out there." 阅读更多


  • Motherboard compability
    Mini ITX, Mini DTX motherboard compatibility; NOTE: motherboards with SATA ports that are angled 90 degrees may conflict with installation in the case.
  • Expansion slots
  • 3.5" HDD Positions
  • 2.5" HDD Positions
  • 5.25" Bay
    1 (removable)
  • CPU Cooler height
    Up to 170 mm
  • ATX PSU size
    Up to 170 mm in length (non modular PSUs); ATX PSUs, up to 160 mm in length (modular PSUs)
  • Graphic card size
    Up to 310 mm in length (note: graphics cards longer than 170 mm will not fit with PSUs that exceed 170 mm)
  • Volume
    18.6 litres
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)
    250 x 203 x 367 mm
  • Case dimensions - with feet/screws/protrusions
    250 x 213 x 380 mm
  • Net weight
    4.4 kg
  • Package dimensions (WxHxD)
    285 x 335 x 450 mm
  • Package weight
    5.3 kg
  • Front interface
    2 x USB 3.0, Audio in/out, Power button with LED (white), HDD activity LED (white) & Reset button

Cooling system

  • Rear
    1 x 120/140 mm fan (included is 1 Fractal Design Silent Series R3 fan, 1000 RPM speed)
  • Top
    2 x 120/140 mm fan (not included)
  • Water cooling top (note: not compatible with AIO water cooler units that feature the pump on the radiator):
    280, 240, 140 and 120 mm radiators. (Thickness limitation of 100 mm for both radiator + fan) (240 and 280 mm radiators require removal of the ODD bay) (280 mm radiator can be maximum 325 mm in length)
  • Water cooling rear
    120 mm radiator (not compatible with the rear 3.5" HDD position)
  • Dust filters
    Magnetic filters on side and top panel, PSU filter

Package contents & other

  • Package contents
    Core 500 computer case, user manual and accessory box
  • EAN/GTIN-13
  • UPC
  • Product code
  • Available for system integrators