Node 202

Node 202是一款精品级,优雅时尚的电脑机箱产品,适合偏爱精美外观和紧凑型设计的用户。该系列机箱产品支持大型游戏配置。

  • 以优雅时尚外观设计为主要特色,可安置于室内任何空间
  • 机箱整体小巧紧凑,占用空间少,容量仅为10.2公升
  • 该系列机箱高度灵活,可水平放置,亦可竖立放置


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Node 202系列机箱可水平放置,也可竖立放置,用户可以将其安放在房屋的任何地方。该系列机箱外观设计精致优雅,不管是放在客厅的电视机旁边,还是放在办公室的办公桌上,都非常抓人眼球。

Node 202系列机箱在内部布局上已将易发热元件分开独立安置于靠近自由气流的位置,以便在不另外安装散热风扇的情况下,机箱仍然能够正常散热冷却。


  • 以优雅时尚外观设计为主要特色,可安置于室内任何空间

  • 机箱整体小巧紧凑,占用空间少,容量仅为10.2公升

  • 该系列机箱高度灵活,可水平放置,亦可竖立放置

  • 支持Mini-ITX主板, SFX电源供应器以及长度达310mm的显卡

  • 采用智能散热内部设计,主板和显卡安装槽独立分开设置

  • 搭载数个防尘过滤网,营造无尘内部空间


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"...anyone planning a high-spec alternative to a games console should consider Fractal Design's Node 202 as a suitable starting point." 阅读更多
"Fractal Design offers its new Mini-ITX Node 202 either as a bare case or paired with its Integra SFX 450W PSU. When you consider how few SFX PSUs there are on the market it probably makes sense to go for the combo package, if only to save yourself hassle." 阅读更多
The Fractal Design NODE 202 is a very sleek and compact chassis. It may hold potent hardware, so you are able to build a gaming rig the size of two large office binders. The enclosure is well constructed, and Fractal Design has done a great job by offering a clean chassis that will fit the living room, while also adding some edgy design elements to give those wanting to build an understated gaming rig what they want. 阅读更多
"The fractal Design Node 202 is a versatile PC case that would look great in your living room or at your desk. this mini-ITX case is slim like a console yet has room for premium components."


  • Riser card interface
    PCI Express 3.0 x16
  • 2.5″ SSD unit positions
    2 (height limitation 10.5mm)
  • Expansion slots
  • Front ports
    2x USB 3.0, Audio in/out, Power button with LED (white)
  • Position
    Can be placed both vertical and horizontal position
  • Total fan mounts
    2x 120 mm in graphics card chamber
  • Dust filters
    3 (CPU, GPU & PSU)


  • Power supply type
    SFX (up to 130mm long)
  • Motherboard compatibility
    Mini ITX
  • GPU max dimensions (LxHxD)
    310x145x47 mm
  • CPU cooler max height
    56 mm
  • *NOTE
    Node 202 is not compatible with Ion SFX-L


  • Case dimensions - Horizontal (WxHxD)
    377 x 82 x 330 mm
  • PSU Compatibility
    SFX PSUs up to 130 mm long
  • Case dimensions - Horizontal, with feet/protrusions/screws (WxHxD)
    377 x 88 x 332 mm
  • Case dimensions - Vertical, with feet/protrusions/screws (WxHxD)
    125 x 385 x 332 mm
  • Net weight
    3.5 kg
  • Package dimensions (WxHxD)
    145 x 463 x 388 mm
  • Package weight
    4.0 kg
  • Volume
    10.3 litres


  • Package contents
    Node 202 computer case, accessory box, user manual, vertical stand & riser card for graphics card
  • EAN
  • UPC
  • Product code
  • Additional information
    Available for System Integrators