Pop Air


  • • 可容纳 ATX/mATX/MiniITX主板
  • • 色彩鲜艳的主板,硬盘托盘和外部装饰(Pop Air RGB TG青色 /洋红色/绿色/橙色内核)
  • • 易于安装的钢化玻璃侧面板,可以直接展示内部零件(仅TG型号)



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Pop Air


A case of attitude

色彩鲜艳的主板,硬盘托盘和外部装饰(Pop Air RGB TG青色 /洋红色/绿色/橙色内核)

A hidden compartment


Openly expressive


Flexible storage support


Show off your build

  • 易于安装的钢化玻璃侧面板,可以直接展示内部零件(仅TG型号)

  • 前部支持280 mm散热器,顶部支持240 mm散热器,后部支持120 mm散热器

  • 正面为独特的六边形网眼结构,营造醒目的视觉效果

USB-C ready I/O panel

可选USB-C升级包(另售),增加一个全速前置USB Type-C端口

全新开发ARGB 控制器和ARGB 电源LED灯(Pop Air RGB TG)

USB-C 10Gbps Cable – Model D
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"Fractal Design is always known for their quality and this case is no different."
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"I strongly recommend this case, and I’m genuinely tempted to buy one myself. "
"... we can recommend it without reservation."
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"Ultimately, you acquire this product for its beauty, features, and functionality."
"it's a solid new entry in the big-tower stakes "
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  • 专用2.5"硬盘托架
    4 (随附2个)
  • 两用3.5/2.5”硬盘托架
    3 (随附2个)
  • 5.25”硬盘托架
  • 扩展插槽
  • 前部接口
    2个USB 3.0*接口, 音频接口, RGB 控制器
  • 总风扇托架
    5个120 mm 或2个 140 mm + 1个120 mm
  • 前部风扇 (RGB Version)
    2个120/ 1个140 mm (随附2个Aspect 12 RGB风扇)
  • 前部风扇 (Non-RGB version)
    2个120/140 mm (随附2个Aspect 12风扇)
  • 顶部风扇
    2x 120/140 mm
  • 后部风扇 (RGB version)
    1个120 mm (随附1个 Aspect 12 RGB风扇)
  • 后部风扇 (Non-RGB version)
    1个120 mm (随附1个Aspect 12 风扇)
  • Bottom fan
  • 灰尘过滤器
    顶部(多孔塑料), PSU (尼龙),前部(多孔钢)
  • 固定魔术贴
  • 固定螺钉
    HDD硬盘托架, SSD硬盘托架,侧面板
  • 左侧面板
    钢化玻璃, 钢化玻璃(Pop Air TG)或实心钢 (Pop Air Solid)
  • 右侧面板


  • 兼容主板
    ATX / mATX / Mini ITX
  • 电源类型
  • PSU最大长度
    170 mm
  • 显卡最大长度
    405 mm with front fan mounted
  • CPU风扇最大高度
    170 mm
  • 前部散热器
    不超过280 mm
  • 顶部散热器
    不超过240 mm (主板高度不超过35 mm)
  • 后部散热器
    1个 120 mm
  • 走线空间
    19 mm


  • 机箱尺寸(LxWxH)
    473.5 x 215 x 454 mm
  • 净重
    7.2kg (Pop Air TG and Pop Air RGB TG) / 6.80kg (Pop Air Solid)
  • 包装尺寸(LxWxH)
    548 x 307 x 537 mm
  • 毛重
    8.7kg (Pop Air TG and Pop Air RGB TG) / 8.3kg (Pop Air Solid)


  • Package contents
    Pop Air case, Accessory bag, User manual
  • EAN (RGB Versions)
    RGB White TG Clear Tint: 7340172702986, RGB Cyan Core: 7340172702993, RGB Magenta Core : 7340172703006, RGB Green Core: 7340172703013, RGB Orange Core : 7340172703020, RGB Black TG Clear Tint: 7340172703570
  • EAN (Non-RGB Versions)
    Black Solid: 7340172703075, Black TG Clear Tint: 7340172703082, White TG Clear Tint: 7340172703099
  • UPC (RGB Versions)
    RGB White TG Clear Tint: 843276102982, RGB Cyan Core: 843276102999, RGB Magenta Core : 843276103002, RGB Green Core: 843276103019, RGB Orange Core : 843276103026, RGB Black TG Clear Tint: 843276103576
  • UPC (Non-RGB Versions)
    Black Solid: 843276103071, Black TG Clear Tint: 843276103088, White TG Clear Tint: 843276103095
  • JAN (RGB Versions)
    RGB White TG Clear Tint: 4537694285797, RGB Cyan Core: 4537694285803, RGB Magenta Core : 4537694285810, RGB Green Core: 4537694285827, RGB Orange Core : 4537694285834, RGB Black TG Clear Tint: 4537694289184
  • JAN (Non-RGB Versions)
    Black Solid: 4537694285889, Black TG Clear Tint: 4537694285896, White TG Clear Tint: 4537694285902
  • Product code (RGB Versions)
    RGB White TG Clear Tint: FD-C-POR1A-01, RGB Cyan Core: FD-C-POR1A-02, RGB Magenta Core : FD-C-POR1A-03, RGB Green Core: FD-C-POR1A-04, RGB Orange Core : FD-C-POR1A-05, RGB Black TG Clear Tint: FD-C-POR1A-06
  • Product code (Non-RGB Versions)
    Black Solid: FD-C-POA1A-01, Black TG Clear Tint: FD-C-POA1A-02, White TG Clear Tint: FD-C-POA1A-03
  • Warranty
    2 Years