Silent Series R3 120 mm

Our Silent Series R3 fans offer excellent value for money, with good performance and assured reliability

  • Rifle bearings provide improved life expectancy and lower noise
  • Black stealth ribbon cable hides the cable for a cleaner build
  • Balanced, sturdy fan design delivers precision at a good price point


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Made for a long, quiet life

Available in a large variety of sizes, ranging from compact 40 mm fans to full-size 140 mm fans, the Silent Series R3 are excellent for replacing fans in computers as well as many other electronic devices
  • Low fan speeds, optimized for quiet operation

  • Featuring our signature black and white color scheme

  • Comes in sizes from 40 mm up to 140 mm for all your build needs


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"According to my experience with the two models part of the R3 series, which I got through this article, I would like say that both of the models are totally made to be installed as case fans and to provide a stable and reliable cooling performance and boost the overall cooling capabilities of every modern case, while working at very low noise level to maintain the ambient noise inside and outside of the case at low and pleasant level."
"The good: + Price + Simple all you need design + Choice of colors, only 2 but present + Good performance + Vast size option for the R3s The bad – No bundle, but understandable considering the price – Missing rubberized and noise cancellation technology" Read the full review


  • Size
    120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Screw hole pattern
    105 x 105 mm
  • Fan Connector
  • Bearing
  • Number of blades
  • Rotational speed
    1200 RPM
  • Noise level
    20.5 dB (A)
  • Airflow (CFM)
  • Static pressure
    0.78 mm H2O
  • Fan input power
    1.0 W
  • Fan max input current
    0.12 A
  • Fan input voltage
    12 V
  • Fan starting voltage
    6 V
  • MTBF
    >40,000 hours
  • Fan weight
    125 g
  • Cable length
    350 mm
  • Cable type
    Black ribbon cable


  • Package contents
    Silent Series R3 fan, Screw pack with 4 metal fan screws
  • Package weight
    165 g
  • Package dimensions (Including hanging tab)
    180 x 122 x 26 mm
  • Package dimensions (Excluding hanging tab)
    147 x 122 x 26 mm
  • EAN
  • Product code