Warranty information

On this page you can read up on our warranty terms. If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us or create a support ticket.

Is my product still under warranty?

Your warranty is active from the point of purchase, so you may be asked to provide customer service with a receipt.

I need technical support.

Open a ticket for our support department by clicking here.

For Technical Support in the United States, please mail our U.S. subsidiary Fractal Design North America Inc. or call  855-446-3722 (855-I-GO-FRAC) for direct service. To create an online support ticket, please click here.

Oh no, my warranty just expired. Is there any point contacting you?

The truth is, we’re usually not very strict when it comes to expired warranties. If we have the part(s) you need, chances are it will work out just fine. (And if you have an entertaining back-story about what happened, it’s a safe bet you’ll go to the top of the list.)


All of our cases come with a 2 year warranty

PSU/Power Supplies

Ion+ and Ion SFX-L - 10 year warranty
Ion Gold - 7 year warranty
Anode SFX - 3 year warranty
Edison series - 5 year warranty
Tesla 80 Plus series - 5 year warranty
Newton R2 & R3 series - 5 year warranty

Newton series - 3 year warranty
Integra R series - 3 year warranty
Integra series - 3 year warranty
Tesla series - 3 year warranty


Prisma AL-series - 3 year warranty
Prisma SL-series - 2 year warranty
Aspect series - 2 year warranty

Venturi series - 3 year warranty

Silent series - 2 year warranty
Silent LL series - 2 year warranty

Dynamic GP series - 2 year warranty
Dynamic X2 series - 2 year warranty


All of our water-cooling products come with a 5 year warranty

TG Panels/Glass

All of our glass products come with a 2 year warranty

Other products

Consult the product sheet/manual, or contact us.