Adjust R1

Adjust R1让您可完全手动控制 Fractal Design Prisma AL 系列风扇和其他标准5V 可寻址RGB装置

  • 简单直观的控制
  • 兼容标准5V ARGB LED风扇、灯条和设备
  • 集成磁铁,便于与金属外壳结合

Adjust R1让您可完全手动控制 Fractal Design Prisma AL 系列风扇

Adjust R1 非常方便使用,不须软件控制即可同步多台风扇、自行定制灯光效果、以及控制LED 灯条和其他以菊炼串接或 Y型电缆连接的 ARGB 设备
  • 默认八种颜色和五种亮度等级

  • 兼容标准5V ARGB LED风扇、灯条和设备

  • 附带Y型电缆和转接器

  • 提供多种模式:预设颜色,色彩循环,自定义颜色,长彩虹和短彩虹模式

  • 六种脉冲和动态效果

  • 关闭电源后记住设置


  • Compatibility
    5V Addressable RGB devices with standard 3-pin connector. Note: The Adjust R1 is NOT compatible with Celsius+
  • Color modes
    Preset color: Set all LEDs to red, green, blue, orange, cyan, yellow, purple, or white; Color cycle: All LEDs change color in unison; Custom color: Freeze color cycle mode on the exact color of your choice; Long rainbow: Colors animate in a long sequence; Short rainbow: Colors animate in a quick succession
  • Brightness settings
    5 levels
  • Pulse and motion effects
    On (constant brightness), Slow breathing effect, Fast breathing effect, Slow single pulse sequence, Fast single pulse sequence, Slow marquee chasing effect, Fast marquee chasing effect, Off (LEDs disabled)
  • Maximum load
    2.6 A
  • Unit dimensions (LxWxH), Excluding cable
    45 x 17 x 8 mm
  • Net weight
    14 g


  • Package contents
    Adjust R1 RGB Controller, RGB Y-cable (female-to-female), 2 x Male-to-male adapters
  • Package dimensions (LxWxH)
    134 x 134 x 33 mm
  • Package weight
    70 g
  • EAN
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  • Product code