Define Nano S

Define Nano S 是一款ITX机箱,可与全尺寸高端配件兼容,具有优异的吸音效果,并采用类ATX的布局。

  • Define 系列ITX机箱采用吸音和ModuVent™技术设计,保证系统安静的运转
  • 采用优良的线缆管理及与全尺寸高阶配件兼容的用户友好结构


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专为安静运行设计的Define ITX机箱

这款机箱附有两颗Dynamic 系列风扇,前方与底部进气通道装有易清、好拆的防尘滤网,可防止太多灰尘进入。 机箱顶部通风口采用了Fractal Design 独家的ModuVent™技术,并内置整面吸音棉,Define Nano S能提供安静无声、却威力强大的系统运转,维持Define 系列一贯的静音设计风格。


  • Define 系列ITX机箱采用吸音和ModuVent™技术设计,保证系统安静的运转

  • 采用优良的线缆管理及与全尺寸高阶配件兼容的用户友好结构

  • 拥有4个硬盘安装空间,储存选择灵活多样

  • 适应多种散热排尺寸规格,且配置有储水阀和水泵安装支架

  • 配备有两个Dynamic 系列风扇--一个为GP-12,另一个为GP-14, 附有一个接主板的适配器,可连接数个风扇头

  • 具有开放的机箱内部空间,机箱前方的气流可畅通无碍地流往后部排风口

  • 顶部和底部的PSU两边装有易清洗的防尘滤网,底部防尘滤网可从前部弹出,便于安装拆卸

Define 系列ITX机箱采用吸音和ModuVent™技术设计,保证系统安静的运转


配备有两个Dynamic 系列风扇--一个为GP-12,另一个为GP-14, 附有一个接主板的适配器,可连接数个风扇头


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"Fractal Design Nano S Mini-ITX Desktop Casing retails at RM 339, it’s not the small of Mini-ITX casing but that’s the beauty of it as it allows you to hold so many goodies within it. Just note that if you’re using a motherboard like the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII IMPACT then the riser card for power phases may obstruct installation of additional cooling peripherals at the top."
Goldfries 阅读更多
"Want a mini-ITX case with an ATX-style layout that enables you to go crazy with liquid-cooled hardware? Fractal Design's Define Nano S will be right up your street.[...] for the enthusiast who wants to tie a tiny motherboard to full-size components and indulgent cooling, Nano S arrives with an emphasis on ultra-high-end hardware."
"Even with a huge, relatively power-hungry graphics card inside, the Nano S is up to the task of keeping cool while staying plenty quiet, even against the more open Corsair Graphite Series 380T. Heck, we even threw a GeForce GTX 980 Ti in this thing, and it held up to the task of cooling that card just fine. For those who want to build a liquid-cooled Mini-ITX PC, the Define S offers plenty of room and mounting provisions for that hardware, too."
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"A mini-ITX case that offers features in abundance. Large component compatibility, noise dampening Moduvent technology side panels, good airflow, and water-cooling are just a few this case comes equipped with."


  • 3.5" HDD/2.5" SSD positions
  • 2.5" dedicated SSD unit positions
    2 (fits SSDs up to 13 mm thick)
  • Expansion slots
  • Front ports
    2x USB 3.0, Audio in/out, Power button with LED (blue), HDD activity LED (blue), Reset button
  • Total fan mounts
  • Front fan
    2x 120/140 mm (included is 1 Fractal Design Dynamic GP14 fan, 1,000 RPM speed)
  • Top fan
    2x 120/140 mm
  • Rear fan
    1x 120 mm (included is 1 Fractal Design Dynamic GP12 fan, 1200 RPM speed)
  • Bottom fan
    1x 120 mm
  • Dust filters
    Front fans, Bottom fans (ejects from the front of the case)
  • Cable routing grommets
  • Fixed velcro straps
  • Captive thumbscrews
    Both side panels, rear HDD/SSD brackets
  • Left side panel
    Industrial sound-dampened steel
  • Right side panel
    Industrial sound-dampened steel


  • Power supply type
  • Motherboard compatibility
  • Front radiator
    120/240 mm or 140/280 mm (max width 147 mm, max length 312 mm; some radiators extend beyond the screw holes)
  • Top radiator
    120/240 mm (max component height on motherboard 35 mm. Big heat sinks on RAM or power regulators around CPU could conflict with this restriction)
  • Rear radiator
    120 mm (max width 125 mm; some radiators extend beyond the screw holes)
  • Bottom radiator
    120 mm (max thickness and length: 85 mm x 160 mm)
  • PSU max length
    160 mm
  • GPU max length
    315 mm with front fans mounted (Cards wider than the dual slot bracket are not recommended)
  • CPU cooler max height
    162 mm
  • Cable routing space
    17 - 35 mm


  • Case dimensions (WxHxD)
    203 x 330 x 400 mm
  • Case dimensions - with feet/protrusions/screws
    203 x 344 x 412 mm
  • Net weight
    5 kg
  • Volume
    26.8 litres
  • Package dimensions (WxHxD)
    275 x 485 x 420 mm
  • Package weight
    6.2 kg


  • Package contents
    Define Nano S computer case, User manual, Accessory box
  • EAN
  • UPC
  • Product code
  • Additional information
    Available for System Integrators