Node 304

NODE 304 是 Fractal Design 呈现的最新款紧凑型机箱,具有独特的模块化内部设计,可实现出众的配置性。

  • 紧凑、模块化的内部设计
  • 采用优雅铝制前面板的简约设计



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Node 304


NODE 304 最多可容纳六个硬盘。未使用的安装托架可拆下,从而允许安装长显卡、增强散热性或为走线留有更充足的空间。此外,该款机箱还配有三个液压轴承风扇,所有通风口中均安有易于清洗的防尘网,并配有两个前侧 USB 3.0 端口。 NODE 304 机箱具有混合功能,是低温运行的文件服务器、时尚静音的家庭影院 PC 或功能强大的游戏系统的理想之选,其亮点是采用简约且令人惊叹的斯堪的纳维亚设计,并可最大程度地实现其功能性。
  • 紧凑、模块化的内部设计

  • 采用优雅铝制前面板的简约设计

  • 独特的新型模块化安装系统,最多可容纳 6 个硬盘

  • 可容纳塔型 CPU 散热器和单风扇水冷系统

  • 包含三个 Silent 系列 R2 液压轴承风扇

  • 过滤通风口可确保内部组件处于无尘环境

  • 可为所有组件提供卓越的散热效果

  • 可容纳 ATX 电源

  • 包含用于所有风扇的风扇调速器

  • USB 3.0 可实现快速文件传输


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"So if you are in the market for a very compact chassis to house your Mini ITX or DTX motherboard that has flexibility, features and great looks then yeah, the Fractal Design Node 304 should be very high on your shopping list. It is compact, looks great and would make for an excellent file-server thanks to the large amount of HDD space. Pop in a AMD APU based motherboard like we did and boom, you just created yourself a fine Home Theater PC." 阅读更多
"The build quality is solid and the case is nicely ventilated, plus with the ability for this to be used as a smart looking HTPC and/or a nas unit makes it stand out from the crowd and not only justify its price but also the OC3D Gold award." 阅读更多
"For Fractal Design's first attempt at a mini-ITX design, I have the commend them on the Node 304. It is sleek, well-appointed, and won't cost you an arm and a leg to own it." 阅读更多


  • 3.5" / 2.5" HDD / SSD positions
  • Expansion slots
  • Front ports
    2x USB 3.0, 1x 3.5mm audio in (microphone), 1x 3.5mm audio out (headphone), Power button with LED, HDD LED
  • Total fan mounts
  • Front fan
    2x 92mm Silent Series R2 hydraulic bearing fans, 1300 RPM speed (compatible with 80mm fans) – included
  • Rear fan
    1x 140mm Silent Series R2 hydraulic bearing fan, 1000 RPM speed (compatible with 120mm fans) – included
  • Dust filters
    Front fans, PSU, GPU


  • Power supply type
    ATX (up to 160 mm in length)
  • Motherboard compatibility
    Mini ITX, Mini DTX (motherboards with SATA ports that are angled 90 degrees may conflict with installation in the case)
  • GPU max length
    310mm in length (when 2 HDD slots are removed; graphics cards longer than 170 mm will conflict with PSUs longer than 160mm)
  • CPU cooler max height
    165 mm


  • Case dimensions (W x H x D)
    250 x 210 x 374 mm
  • Volume
    19.2 litres
  • Net weight
    4.9 kg


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    Available for System Integrators
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