Node 804

Node 804是一款支持Micro ATX机型的机箱,有绝佳的散热效能和强大的扩张性。包装、尺寸、形状和规格皆新颖独特,且整体设计高端优雅。

  • 高效的双机箱布局能最大化其散热性能。
  • 极简抽象风格设计,拉丝铝材质机箱前面板,优雅动人。


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Node 804

分仓设计有极加的的独立配置扩展,主仓只放置主板,散热器和显卡,其他电源,硬盘配置可放在另一侧,确保主板,处理器和显示卡有良好的通风环境。该款机箱自带三台Silent系列的R2 120mm风扇;另可升级为7台风扇。同时支持4组水冷散热器。NODE 804同时支持4个水冷散热设备和12个硬盘,无论是散热效能或扩张性皆绝对到位。


  • 极简抽象风格设计,拉丝铝材质机箱前面板,优雅动人。

  • 机箱自带三台佛瑞克托设计的Silent系列R2风扇,并为另加7台风扇预留了空间。

  • 机箱所有的通风口都安装有可拆卸的灰尘过滤器,使得灰尘无法进入机箱内部。

  • 机箱侧面板的窗型设计可以充分展示您别具一格的内部配置情况。

  • 自动风扇控制器。


  • 高效的双机箱布局能最大化其散热性能。

  • 独特的硬盘安装系统,可容纳10x3.5〃硬盘以及2x2.5〃硬盘或者8x3.5〃硬盘以及4x 2.5〃硬盘。

  • 支持水冷散热设备,机箱内部预留的空间可同时安装1x240mm,1x280mm以及2x120mm的散热器。

  • 机箱前端的预留空间可用于安装一台小型的光驱以及放置2x2.5〃的硬盘。

  • 机箱内部五大插件扩展槽可允许安装多个GPU装置。


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"The Node 804 is a micro-ATX chassis that makes clever use of space. Served up in a cube form factor, this sleek-looking box is dwarfed by traditional enthusiast towers yet, with the right components, will more than hold its own in regards to performance." 阅读更多
"The Fractal Design NODE 804 is, ultimately, big and bulky - call it is the Sumo ringer of mATX cube cases. But it can hold a ton of hardware - you may even run out of components to install before the NODE 804 breaks a sweat. " 阅读更多
"With the Node 804, not only do we have curves and a mix of plastic and steel mesh, but everything is made to look sleek and simple in any situation; even down to the brushed texture, the tiny name next to the LED, and the front I/O being around the side." 阅读更多


  • 3,5" HDD positions
  • 2,5" SSD positions
  • Extra positions for either 3,5″ or 2,5″ drives
  • Expansion slots
  • Front ports
    2x USB 3.0, Audio in/out, Power button with LED (blue), HDD activity LED (white)
  • Total fan mounts
  • Front fan
    4x 120 mm
  • Top fan
    4x 120/140 mm
  • Rear fan 1
    1x 120/140 mm (included is 1 hydraulic bearing 120mm Silent Series R2 fan, 1000 RPM speed)
  • Rear fan 2
    1x 120 mm (included is 1 hydraulic bearing 120mm Silent Series R2 fan, 1000 RPM speed)
  • Dust filters
    Front fans, Top fans, Bottom
  • Fixed velcro straps
  • Left side panel
    Clear window
  • Right side panel


  • Power supply type
  • Motherboard compatibility
    Micro ATX, Mini ITX
  • Front radiator (left chamber)
    240 mm (up to 60 mm thick (with fans) and 278 mm tall; using a radiator in this position prevents the use of a fan in the top position just next to it)
  • Front radiator (right chamber)
    240 mm (up to 60 mm thick (with fans) and 278 mm tall)
  • Top radiator (left chamber)
    240 mm (up to 130 mm thick (with fans); radiators in this position limits the height of memory modules to 48 mm tall)
  • Top radiator (right chamber)
    240/280 mm (up to 130 mm thick (with fans) may be fitted if the HDD drive bays are taken out or placed elsewhere)
  • PSU max length
    260 mm
  • GPU max length
    320 mm, 290 mm (if a fan is installed in the lower position in the front)
  • CPU cooler max height
    160 mm


  • Case dimensions (WxHxD)
    344 x 307 x 389 mm
  • Net weight
    6 kg
  • Package dimensions (WxHxD)
    370 x 468 x 412 mm
  • Package weight
    7.7 kg
  • Volume
    40.3 liters


  • Package content
    Node 804 computer case, accessory box & user manual
  • EAN
  • UPC
  • Product code
  • Additional information
    Available for System Integrators