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Core 2500

The Core 2500 is the compact ATX Mid Tower of the x5 Series combines a clean, modern exterior design with great cooling and component compatibility. The case is equipped with two pre-installed 120mm fans, a built-in fan controller as well as support for a 280mm and 240mm water cooling radiators. Two hard drive cages hold up to four 3.5" or 2.5" hard drives on vibration dampened sturdy steel trays. An additional dedicated SSD mounting is available behind the power supply position. A beautiful build is easy to achieve with the black/white contrasted interior and well-designed cable routing capabilities.


Key features

  •  A compact ATX Mid Tower case with bottom-mounted PSU, designed for exceptional airflow and cooling
  • Brushed aluminum-look front panel with a sleek, three-dimensional textured finish
  • Superior water cooling support for its size, supporting one 240/280mm radiator in the front and a 240mm radiator in the top
  • Featuring a 120mm rear exhaust fan for great cooling
  • Total 7 fan slots with two 120mm fans included
  • Extruded motherboard plate allowing space for additional cable routing; 18.5mm around the motherboard and 13.5mm directly behind it
  • Supports tall CPU cooler towers, up to circa 162mm in height
  • Featuring an integrated three-speed fan controller
  • Multiple easy-to-clean dust filters designed into the case to help maintain a dust free interior
  • Four vibration dampening hard drive trays for up to four 3.5" HDDs, all compatible with 2.5" drives
  • HDD trays split into two cages and strategically positioned with a large space in between to support all long graphics cards up to a maximum length of 380mm, with all hard drive trays in place
  • One additional SSD position behind the PSU area with easy installation and access



  • Mini ITX, Micro ATX ATX motherboard compatibility
  • 2 - 5.25" bays (maximum 185mm in length)
  • 4 - 3.5" HDD trays - all compatible with SSDs
  • 1 - 2.5" dedicated SSD unit position
  • 7 expansion slots
  • Supports graphic card up to 380mm without any HDD removal
  • Support cooling system: 7 Fan positions (2 fans included)
  • Filtered fan slots in front and bottom
  • CPU coolers up to 162 mm in height
  • Integrated fan controller
  • Supports ATX PSUs up to 155 mm deep when using the primary bottom fan location; when not using this fan location longer PSUs can be used
  • 13.5-18.5 mm of space for cable routing behind the motherboard plate 
  • Extra cable routing holes for usage with mATX motherboards
  • Available in Black
  • Case dimensions (WxHxD):195 x 431 x 450mm 
  • Net weight: 5.7 kg
  • Package dimensions (WxHxD): 270 x 547 x 492mm
  • Package weight: 6.9kg

Cooling system

  • Front: 2 - 120/140mm fans (included is 1 Fractal Design silent 120mm fan, 1200 RPM speed)
  • Rear: 1 - 120mm fan (included is 1 Fractal Design silent 120mm fan, 1200 RPM speed)
  • Top: 2 - 120/140mm fan (not included)
  • Bottom: 1 - 120mm fan (not included, PSU length limits apply) OR 1 - 120mm fan (not included, requires removal of lower HDD cage) OR 1 - 140mm fan (not included, requires removal of lower HDD cage)
  • Side: 1 -140mm fan (not included)
  • 1 - integrated fan controller on the backside for up to 3 fans

Water Cooling compatibility

  • Front - 240mm radiator, up to 45mm in thickness (with lower HDD cage repositioned in case, upper HDD cage removed)
  • Front - 240mm radiator, any thickness, push/pull supported (with both lower and upper HDD cages removed)
  • Front –Slim 280mm radiator: 15mm fan spacing required for full fastening, radiators with 20mm fan spacing can be used with only the top half fastened to the case (with lower HDD cage repositioned in case, upper HDD cage removed, lower ODD slot may need to be unused depending on tube end chamber size)
  • Top – Slim 240mm radiator (with upper ODD slot occupied by a device no longer than 150mm and with no components on the upper 23 mm on the motherboard that are taller than 34mm)
  • Rear – 120 mm radiator

Front interface

  • 2 - USB 3.0
  • Audio in/out
  • Power button with LED (white)
  • HDD activity LED (white)
  • Reset button

Package contents

  • Core 2500 computer case
  • Accessory box
  • User manual

Additional information

  • EAN:7350041081951
  • UPC: 817301011952
  • Product code: FD-CA-CORE-2500-BL 


PCLAB.PL 2015-06-28

"Z całej trójki najciekawsza jest chyba Core 2500. Zapewnia całkiem sporo, jak na swoją cenę, 180 zł: dobrą, cichą baterię wbudowanych wentylatorów, niezłą jakość wykonania i – a może przede wszystkim – naprawdę niezły wygląd. W tym przedziale cen niewiele jest obudów o podobnie stonowanej linii i zbliżonej jakości wykonania."

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"Orienté entrée de gamme le Core 2500 possède pas mal d'atouts pour lui, les performances sont bonnes, les ventilateurs présents sont silencieux, l'agencement intérieur permet l'installation d'une très grande carte graphique et sa sobriété le rend passe partout. Même s'il n'est pas exempt de défauts il sera un très bon choix pour une config gamer d'entrée de gamme et pourra même être silencieuse si le choix des composants est adapté!"

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HEXUS.NET 2015-02-19

"Fractal Design's Core 2500 is one of the better budget chassis available on the market today. Savvy shoppers will be able to pick up the enclosure for as little as £40, and for the fee, this a solid foundation with plenty of scope for upgrades further down the line."

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"Fractal Design has stayed true to their Core series, delivering more bang for your buck and above all, tons of building options at a low-low price.
If you're a first-time builder or someone on a tight budget I would certainly recommend the 2500, it's relatively compact, it looks good and it is decently built. Within this price range it is one of the best options currently on the market."

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MODDING.FR 2014-12-01

"Nous étions sceptique sur cette tour que l’on peut trouver aux alentours des 60€ mais le test nous a conquis, le cable management est aisé, les performances de refroidissement présentes et le tout dans un silence d’or. Pour les plus exigeants, on pourra facilement rajouter des ventilateurs ou un système complet de watercooling et transformer ce Core 2500 en diamond over 2500 ! Si vous êtes à la recherche d’une tour pour une cinquantaine d’euros, rajoutez-en 10 et foncez " 

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GAMEZOOM.NET 2014-11-03

"Der Fractal Design Core 2500 ist all das was man bei diesem Preisniveau von einem Midi Tower erwarten darf: Er bietet eine saubere Verarbeitung, wenig Gewicht, USB 3.0 intern, Staubfilter, Silent Lüfter, Lüftersteuerung und eine gefällige Optik.

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MOD-YOUR-CASE.DE 2014-10-20

"Durch seinen modularen Aufbau bietet es eine Vielzahl an Einsatzmöglichkeiten und erlaubt es zudem hochwertige Hardware zu beherbergen, welche problemlos gekühlt werden kann."

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"Das Fractal Design Core 2500 ist ein günstiges Gehäuse, das aber längst nicht billig wirkt. Mit seiner Front, die an gebürstetes Aluminium erinnert, macht dieses Gehäuse auch im Wohnzimmer eine gute Figur. An der Verarbeitung gibt es, wie immer bei Fractal Design, nichts auszusetzen."

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TECHNIC3D.COM 2014-07-03

"Besonders die niedrige Lautstärke der mitgelieferten Lüfter ist in dieser Preisregion etwas Besonderes. Darüber hinaus ist in allen Gehäusen ausreichend Platz für lange Grafikkarten und mit Abstrichen sogar für eine kompakte Wasserkühlung."

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TWEAKPC.DE  2014-06-26

"Staubfilter, USB 3.0, viel Platz für Lüfter und lange Grafikkarten, was die Basisausstattung betrifft, lässt die Core-Serie kaum Wünsche offen. Und es geht sogar noch weiter. In der Preisklasse eher selten zu finden sind laufruhiger Lüfter inklusive Lüftersteuerung."

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 HARDWARELUXX.DE  2014-06-11

"Egal ob ein Mini-Tower, ein günstiger Midi-Tower oder ein voluminöser Midi-Tower für anspruchsvollere Hardware gesucht wird - die neue Core x5-Serie hält ein passendes Modell mit gutem Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis bereit. Die Gehäuseserie ist vor allem für Käufer attraktiv, die optisch und akustisch unauffällige Gehäuse bevorzugen, dabei aber nicht auf eine gute Ausstattung verzichten möchten"

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GGF EVENTS  2014-08-26

"Interesting desing and a great case with great quality for the value like this."

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