Introducing Focus 2

The evolution of direct performance

The new Focus 2 mid-tower cases offer a precise, straight-forward design which has been carefully engineered to leverage the airflow potential of the case. Its innovative approach to the interior layout creates an unobstructed flow throughout the case, making it enjoyable to build and upgrade in, while unlocking the ability to cool components directly. This performance-centric design helps to enable a smooth experience, allowing users to focus on what’s important to them.

Out of the box, its quality construction, clean exterior and airflow-enabling front mesh make Focus 2 a serious choice for gaming systems. Inside, it also offers quality-of-life building features such as an open and accessible interior, SSD quick clips, and intuitive cable management options. One of the many user benefits of Focus 2 is its adaptability and upgradeability, with available accessories including storage expansions and a USB-C upgrade kit.

Focus 2 are out now – check with your favorite retailer about availability

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