Meshify S2 Mod

Captain America

by Phenom Design & Photography

Phenom Design & Photography


I love Marvel and wanted a modding project of an iconic hero. Not Iron Man, because so many modders have already done that. So I chose Captain America because of the unique shield.

Question time

  • Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background
    I’m a French Modder and have been modding for five years now. I have a passion for painting, modifying and increasing the beauty of a case.
  • Are you modding alone or are you part of a team?
    Yes, I work alone with all the modding including painting and 3D modelling.
  • How did you get the idea behind this mod?
    I wanted to do a Marvel mod that was not Iron Man. The iconic shield makes Captain American perfect for that.
  • How did you decide what hardware components to use?
    I got a lot of components in stock. So, I choose the components as I was building.
  • If you did it all over again, is there anything you’d change?
    No, Not really
  • Do you have any plans for future mods, if so: what are they?
    Yes, soon I will release a Fortnite project.


  • Case
    Fractal Design Meshify S2
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG Strix Z390e Gaming
  • CPU
    Intel core i7 8700k
  • GPU
    Asus ROG Strix RTX 2080
  • PSU
    Fractal Design Integra M 650W
  • RAM
    Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 32gb
  • SSD
    Crucial P1 NVME 500Go
  • Cooler
    Fractal Design Celsius S36

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