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Define Nano S - Window

The Define Nano S is an ITX case that features compatibility with high end, full-size components, superior sound dampening, and an ATX-like layout.

The case includes two Dynamic Series fans with both bottom and front intakes protected by easy-to-clean, removable dust filters.

With its mounting capabilities for simultaneous radiators and unobstructed airflow path, the Define Nano S can cool enthusiast-level components.

Equipped with Fractal Design’s signature ModuVent™ technology on the top vents and sound dampening throughout, the Define Nano S can run a powerful system quietly, a hallmark of the Define series.


Key features

  • A Define Series ITX case designed for silent computing with sound dampening and ModuVent™ technology
  • User-friendly construction with superior cable management and compatibility for full-size components                                                       
  • Flexible storage options with room for up to 4 drives
  • Accommodates a variety of radiator sizes and includes brackets for reservoir and pump mounting
  • Features two Dynamic Series fans — 1 GP-12 and 1 GP-14 — with an adapter included for motherboards with limited fan headers
  • Featuring an open interior allowing an unobstructed airflow path from the front of the case to the rear exhaust
  • Easy-to-clean filters on the bottom and front, spanning the PSU position, with the bottom filter ejecting from the front for easy-access.

Define NanoS pop-up_EN-01 

Define NanoS pop-up_EN-02


  • ITX motherboard compatibility
  • 2 expansion slots
  • 2 - 3.5" HDD/2.5" SSD positions; 2 - 2.5" dedicated SSD unit positions (fits SSDs up to 13mm thick) 
  • 6 - Fan positions (1 Fractal Design Dynamic GP14 140mm fan + 1 Fractal Design Dynamic GP-12 120mm fan included)
  • Filtered fan slots in the front and bottom (ejects from the front of the case)
  • CPU coolers up to 160mm in height
  • ATX PSUs up to 160mm deep (shorter PSUs recommended for easier cable management)
  • Graphics cards up to 315mm in length with front fans mounted (Cards wider than the dual slot bracket are not recommended) 
  • 17 - 35mm of space for cable routing behind the motherboard plate
  • Velcro straps included for easy cable management
  • Both side panels and rear HDD/SSD brackets feature smart captive thumbscrews
  • Dense sound dampening material on front and right side panels; left side panel includes a transparent window
  • ModuVent™ on top of case for further silent computing or additional ventilation
  • Colours available: Black
  • Case dimensions (WxHxD): 203 x 330 x 400mm
  • Case dimensions - wtih feet/protrusions/screws: 203 x 344 x 412mm
  • Net weight: 4.6 kg
  • Case volume: 26.80 litres
  • Package dimensions (WxHxD): 275 x 485 x 420mm
  • Package weight: 5.8 kg


Cooling system

  • Front: 2 – 120/140 mm fans (included is 1 Fractal Design Dynamic GP14 fan, 1000 RPM speed)
  • Rear: 1 – 120 mm fan (included is 1 Fractal Design Dynamic GP12 fan, 1200 RPM speed)
  • Top: 2 - 120/140 mm fan (not included) 
  • Bottom: 1 – 120 mm fan (not included)
  • Dust filters: Bottom and front intakes

Water cooling compatibility - Radiators

  • Front – 120/240mm, 140/280mm (max width 147, length 312; some radiators extend beyond the screw holes)
  • Top – 120/240mm (max component height on motherboard 35mm. Big heatsinks on RAM or power regulators around CPU could conflict with this restriction)
  • Bottom – 120mm (max thickness & length: 85mm x 160mm)

Water cooling compatibility - Pumps

  • Pre-drilled holes on multi-bracket, supports many DDC and D5 variants (see manual for detailed measurements)

Water cooling compatibility - Reservoirs

  • Adjustable mounting brackets allow for almost any rectangular mounting screw pattern. Maximum distance between the mounting bracket screw positions: 270mm height / 80mm width.

Front interface

  • 2 USB 3.0
  • Audio in/out
  • Power button with LED (blue)
  • HDD activity LED (blue)
  • Reset button

Package contents

  • Define Nano S - Window computer case
  • User manual
  • Accessory box

Additional information

  • EAN/GTIN-13: 7350041084136
  • UPC: 817301014137
  • Product code: FD-CA-DEF-NANO-S-BK-W
  • Available for System Integrators

THELAB.GR 2016-11-21

"Δεν έγιναν όμως παραχωρήσεις στην ποιότητα του κουτιού. Η κατασκευή και η βαφή είναι σε κορυφαία επίπεδα και ειδικά το βουρτσισμένο εφέ του πλαστικού στη πρόσοψη μοιάζει τόσο με αλουμίνιο που πρέπει να το χτυπήσεις για να το καταλάβεις. Τα παρελκόμενα υπεραρκετά και το fan splitter που υπήρχε σε αυτά έδειξε πόσο καλά το μελέτησαν ακόμα και στη πιο μικρή του λεπτομέρεια το κουτί."

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PCWORLD.BG 2016-07-11

"Define Nano S със сигурност оправдава очакванията откъм качество и производителност, като предлага достатъчно пространство за изграждане на мощна система, въпреки иначе неголемите си размери.  Както имахме възможност да се уверим лично, моделът е напълно подходящ за тези от вас, които искат да направят мощна ITX конфигурация."

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QUASAR ZONE 2016-05-30

" Fractal Design 의 Define Nano S 케이스의 가장 큰 장점은 작은 공간에서 다양한 수냉 쿨링 용품들을 장착할 수 있다는 것입니다. M-ATX 메인보드를 지원하는 Define S 케이스에 비해 많이 작아졌지만, 내부에 2개의 2열 라디에이터를 장착할 수 있고, 하단과 후면에 1열 라디에이터를 장착할 수 있는 이 케이스는 작은 케이스에 수냉 쿨링을 구성하려는 유저들에겐 가장 알맞은 케이스라고 할 수 있습니다. 특히 케이스 내부가 협소한 ITX 케이스들은 상단 라디에이터 장착 공간이 협소한 경우가 많은데, Nano S 케이스는 상단 공간이 충분하여 두꺼운 라디에이터도 문제 없이 소화를 할 수 있는 능력을 갖추고 있습니다. 그 밖에도 HDD와 ODD 베이를 들어내어 워태탱크, 수냉펌프를 장착할 수 있는 마운팅 홀을 만들어 놓아 수냉 쿨링을 지향하는 유저들에게 상당한 편리함을 제공합니다."

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Hardware Unboxed 2016-06-16

"The Define Nano S, Kelvin S24 and Edison M 550 watt are all perfect examples of why Fractal Design has become such a loved brand by enthusiasts. Rather than rely on gimmicks the focus is clearly on quality and features you actually need and want. Not just that but despite offering premium products you aren’t paying over exuberant prices."

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Hardware.Info 2016-05-03

Grote Mini-ITX behuizingen klinken als een paradox, maar beginnen een aardige trend te worden. We testten de Fractal Design Define Nano S Window, een mooi voorbeeld van dit segment.

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PCGAMERS.NET.AU 2016-05-01

"As the testing period went on, I appreciated the portability of the Define Nano S more as I've needed to shift it from desk to desk in the lab and even set it up in the lounge a few times. The balance of the case when fully loaded is also really good and it isn't front-end heavy like the full sized Define R5." 

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GIZMODO 2016-04-04

GOLDFRIES 2016-03-19

"Fractal Design Nano S Mini-ITX Desktop Casing retails at RM 339, it’s not the small of Mini-ITX casing but that’s the beauty of it as it allows you to hold so many goodies within it. Just note that if you’re using a motherboard like the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII IMPACT then the riser card for power phases may obstruct installation of additional cooling peripherals at the top." 

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GRACZOFIL.PL 2016-04-11

"Jezeli szukacie małej obudowy która morze zmieścić dużo podzespołów, a jednocześnie jest estetyczna, dobrze wykonana a dodatkowo posiada łatwy montaż podzespołów to nie szukajcie - poznajcie model Define Nano S od Fractal Design. Obudowa dodatkowo posiada filtry przeciwkurczowe które spisują się nienagannie jak i wyciszone wnętrze dla komfortu ciszy. My Polecamy!" 

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GIZMODO 2016-04-04

"Fractal Design's Define Nano S Is The Best Mini-ITX Case You Can Buy - Swedish case and component brand Fractal Design has a new case, made for the small-and-efficient market, that actually suits PC gamers well at the same time. Fractal Design’s Define Nano S is a refined, straightforward Mini-ITX computer case that will house a high-end system if you need it to, and it will keep it cool and quiet at the same time." 

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HWD.tk 2016-03-30

"Dette kabinet er særligt velegnet hvis du lige står og mangler et M-ITX system med mulighed for vandkøling eller AIO kølere i top og front. Det vil så sige at der er lagt i ovnen til at lave et single grafikkort gamer system med masser af køling, og samtidig mulighed for flere SSD'er og eventuelt en 3,5" harddisk og det er jo præcis hvad de fleste der skal bygge M-ITX lige står og mangler."

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KITGURU.NET 2016-03-15

"The Fractal Design Define Nano S is an impressive mini tower. It looks good, pulls apart easily and offers full dust filtering. You can install a regular ATX power supply and a proper gaming graphics card along with a decent selection of hardware and there is good support for a variety of cooling systems.You can build a custom loop using Fractal’s mounting brackets for the pump and reservoir and still have room to install three storage drives. Alternatively you can slip an All In One in the front of the case and potentially go for four drives, which is a bit mind boggling." 

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BIT-TECH.NET 2016-03-04

"While the size and shape may not be particularly exciting to enthusiasts seeing to make the most of mini-ITX dimensions, the Define Nano S is still a lot smaller than a standard ATX build would be, especially given the water-cooling it supports. On that topic, we're happy to see included pump and reservoir mounts neatly integrated into the design." 

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"Even with a huge, relatively power-hungry graphics card inside, the Nano S is up to the task of keeping cool while staying plenty quiet, even against the more open Corsair Graphite Series 380T. Heck, we even threw a GeForce GTX 980 Ti in this thing, and it held up to the task of cooling that card just fine.  For those who want to build a liquid-cooled Mini-ITX PC, the Define S offers plenty of room and mounting provisions for that hardware, too." 

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PROHARDVER.HU 2016-02-25

"Meglehetősen érdekes, nem is olyan kicsi ház a Fractal Design Define Nano S modellje. Megalkotásánál kettős cél tűztek ki maguknak a svéd tervezők: Mini-ITX alaplap befogadása mellett a komolyabb folyadékhűtés minél kényelmesebb beszerelését. Alapvetően siker koronázta törekvésüket, hiszen befér a kis alaplap, köré a komoly hardver, és nem csak két, elég nagy radiátornak, hanem a pumpának és a víztartálynak is tisztességes helyet alakítottak ki, olyat, amilyet kevés kis ház kínál. A ház külseje pedig nagyszerűen illeszkedik a korábbi Define házakhoz, annak ellenére, hogy homlokzata nem fémből, hanem műanyagból készült." 

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BENCHMARK.PL 2016-02-25

"Fractal Design przyzwyczaił nas do przemyślanych i dobrze wykonanych obudów komputerowych – zwłaszcza jeżeli chodzi o flagową linię Define. Oczekiwania odnośnie najnowszego modelu Define Nano S
były spore, ale producent nie zawiódł – zastosował wszystkie najważniejsze rozwiązania, a przy tym dodał kilka usprawnień." 

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PC.SK 2016-02-19

"Define Nano S nie je zrovna „nano“ skrinkou a určite si viete predstaviť aj menšie skrinky. Oproti veľkej Define S sa však Nano verzia riadne scvrkla, no zároveň poskytuje ešte stále dostatočný priestor pre inštaláciu výkonného vodného chladenia a to nehovorím len o AIO chladičoch. Výrobca myslel aj na modulárne chladenie vyrobené na mieru, ktoré v malej, presklenej skrinke môže vyzerať naozaj luxusne. Mimochodom, rozdiel medzi celistvou skrinkou a modelom s presklenou bočnicou je iba 5€ takže sa chcete pochváliť črevami vášho počítača určite zvoľte variant s oknom." 

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"The Define Nano S is an excellent case for anyone looking to assemble the ultimate mini-ITX build. Although it may be a bit large for some purists, the extra room will be more than welcome by those who want to build small without sacrificing performance. Finally, its $70 price tag provides the ultimate value for builders looking for a mini-ITX case." 

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TWEAKPC.DE 2016-02-16

"Eine Empfehlung kann man für das Define Nano S insgesamt wohl für User aussprechen die Mini-ITX Systeme mit einer kompletten Wasserkühlung inklusive Grafikkarte ausrüsten wollen. Diese erhalten hier eine wirklich gute Basis zu einem zudem sehr attraktiven Preis." 

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 LAB501.RO 2016-02-15

"Daca Define S a fost un succes, atunci Define Nano S este o continuare fireasca a acestui succes in zona m-ITX, aducand aceeasi abordare non-conformista pasionatilor sistemelor de mici dimensiuni. Nu avem de-a face cu un design excentric, cu exagerari sau solutii care arata bine pe hartie dar nu sunt practice in realitate." 

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 PCLAB.PL 2016-02-11

"W przypadku obudów ITX już się przyjęło, że ich ceny są nieproporcjonalne do użytego materiału, zwłaszcza w porównaniu z większymi siostrami (choćby właśnie Define S). Do polskich sklepów nowy produkt Fractala dopiero dociera i na razie znamy tylko przybliżoną cenę. Około 300 zł – mniej więcej tyle trzeba będzie zapłacić za przedstawiony dziś produkt. To sporo, jeśli wziąć pod uwagę ilość użytej blachy, ale naprawdę niewiele z punktu widzenia kogoś, kto chce zbudować eleganckiego minipeceta czerpiącego z serii Define lub po prostu mały komputer w dużym stopniu korzystający z chłodzenia cieczą. Nie bez znaczenia jest też dobre wytłumienie obudowy. Define Nano S z pewnością znajdzie amatorów, dla których stanie się prawdziwym oczkiem w głowie." 

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TECHNIC3D.COM 2016-02-10

"Alles in allem überzeugt das Fractal Design Nano S und kann zweifelsohne als gelungenes Produkt bezeichnet werden." 

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ALLROUND-PC.COM 2016-02-02

"Das Fractal Design Define Nano S muss sich nicht vor seinem großen Bruder verstecken. Obwohl es deutlich kleiner ist, bietet es genug Platz für leistungsstarke Hardware. " 

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"Fractal Design zeigt mit dem Define Nano S, dass sich Mini-ITX und leistungsstarke Wasserkühlung nicht ausschließen müssen. Wer mit dem Mini-Tower-Format leben kann, erhält ein bemerkenswert wasserkühlungsfreundliches Mini-ITX-Gehäuse. Dabei hat der Hersteller die Wurzeln der Define-Serie nicht vergessen und auch das kleinste Define-Modell auf einen leisen Betrieb hin optimiert." 

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GURU3D.COM 2016-02-02

"At a price tag of 69 USD / 75 EURO I think that Fractal Design offers a very nice balance of proper aesthetics combined with a very decent feature-set chassis. In terms of ITX usage, you can simple mount plenty of components even with some liquid cooling options available." 

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 CPU 2016-01-28

"As far as cooling is concerned, the Define Nano S gives builders an abundance of options.[...] the Define Nano S should let you build the SFF system of your dreams." 

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HEXUS.NET 2016-01-28

"Want a mini-ITX case with an ATX-style layout that enables you to go crazy with liquid-cooled hardware? Fractal Design's Define Nano S will be right up your street.[...] for the enthusiast who wants to tie a tiny motherboard to full-size components and indulgent cooling, Nano S arrives with an emphasis on ultra-high-end hardware." 

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MODDING.FR 2016-01-28

"Le niveau sonore du boitier est bon, ceci grâce aux deux ventilateurs qui se révèlent très discrets et aux différentes isolations acoustiques.
Le refroidissement est très correct tant que la carte graphique n’est pas trop poussée, auquel cas les températures ont tendance à bien grimper." 

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CNEWS.CZ 2016-01-25

"Po zvážení sme sa rozhodli skrinke Fractal Design Nano S udeliť ocenenie „We Want It!“. Možnosti vodného chladenia sú perfektné a to pri stále malých rozmeroch, dobrom spracovaní, originálnych prvkoch a v neposlednom rade perfektnému prístupu a manipulácii s hardvérom. To len tak niekde nenájdete. V obchodoch by sa skrinka mala objaviť v marci.

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"Formfaktorn Mini ITX har genom åren gett upphov till en hel del riktigt kompakta chassin, däribland modeller med stöd för senaste snittets högpresterande komponenter. På senare tid har fokus till en viss del skiftat mot just prestandasegmentet, där yttermåtten har tummats på till fördel för utrymme för exempelvis vattenkylning och radiatorer."

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