Triple launch day with focus on airflow

Torrent – all airflow, no compromise

The Torrent is a brand new high-performance PC case devoted entirely to providing premium airflow straight out of the box. The attention to detail is reflected in everything from the choice of components to the streamlined design inside and out, and the result is a case that goes further than any previous Fractal case in the pursuit of ultimate airflow.

When it comes to technical innovations, the main standouts include a brand-new component layout, the open front grille and two 180 x 38 mm Dynamic PWM or Prisma RGB fans custom-made to achieve maximum air cooling while maintaining controlled noise levels. The Torrent ships with another three 140 mm fans (Dynamic or Prisma for RGB) pre-installed for a total of five. (Fun fact: if you’re a really big fan of airflow, you can get an additional pair of 180 mm Dynamic/Prisma fans separately and replace the 140 mms for a total of four massive 180 mm fans.)

Simply put, Torrent is a powerhouse that lets you enjoy top-tier cooling straight out of the box, with strong radiator support to boot. This makes it a perfect match for high-end users who demand the very best from components and cases alike.

Key features:

  • Open grille and 180 mm front fans optimized for maximum air intake
  • Newly developed 180 x 38 mm Dynamic X2 PWM or Prisma AL PWM ARGB fans (in the RGB version) leverage power, size, and thickness for massive air-moving capacity
  • Includes five PWM fans (three 140 mm and two 180 mm) for balancing performance, cooling and noise
  • New layout with expansive base intakes and extra-large bottom fan support offers exceptional GPU cooling
  • Optional front and bottom nylon filters included, allowing the user to prioritize between dust filtering or even higher airflow
  • Streamlined open interior provides plenty of breathing room for components and maximizes performance potential for both air and water cooling
  • Comes with the new Nexus 9P Slim PWM fan hub pre-installed
  • Fans and LED lights fully controllable through motherboards supporting addressable RGB (3-pin 5V header)
  • GPU support bracket that helps your GPU stay level (user assembled, instructions included)
  • Comes with external cable straps for tidying up behind your computer

For a closer look at how Torrent is designed and how it works, check out the showreel. Torrent Showreel

180 mm Dynamic/Prisma fans

The 180 mm Dynamic/Prisma fans that drive the Torrent are also available separately, expanding options for owners of other cases as well as Torrent users set on maxing out their new case by running four 180 mm fans.

For more information, see Dynamic 180 and Prisma 180

Ion+ 2 Platinum

Also worth mentioning on the topic of new releases: the much appreciated PSU Ion Platinum receives a welcome update in with its new incarnation Ion+ 2 Platinum. The update adds ATX 2.52 support to an already long list of benefits like whisper-quiet operation, enhanced cable flexibility and superior output quality. Among other noteworthy improvements: the inclusion of two 8-Pin ATX12/EPS across the whole family, and internal upgrades like more strict over-current protection.

For more information, see Ion+ 2 Platinum 860W 

That’s it for today’s launches. For a closer look at your favorite(s), there are product links below.