Dynamic X2 GP-18 PWM

The Dynamic X2 GP-18 is a powerful 180 mm fan that packs a mean punch in the air-flow department. Massive blades, stout 38 mm thickness, and a wide 300-1200 RPM range with PWM control allow the GP-18 to yield remarkably high airflow while remaining exceptionally quiet.

  • • Massive 180 x 38 mm fan that yields remarkably high airflow while remaining very quiet
  • • High-grade LLS bearing with 90,000-hour MTTF delivers long-lasting dependability
  • • PWM support offers a wide 300-1200 RPM speed range for silent operation under lighter loads and maximum airflow during more demanding activity

Super-sized airflow

Optimized fan geometry

  • Optimized fan geometry balances airflow with extra emphasis on static pressure for great performance in any usage scenario

  • Trip Wire technology introduces a micro-turbulent layer that helps to combat elements that negatively affect performance, providing an overall more efficient and quieter fan environment

  • Fits standard 180 mm fan mounts with 165 x 165 mm screw hole pattern

High-grade LLS bearing

Long-Life Sleeve bearing with 90,000-hour MTTF delivers long-lasting dependability


Notched blade design

  • Strategically placed notches near the fan hub on the trailing edge of the blades help to eliminate the humming noise produced when the blades pass stator struts

  • Aerodynamic stator struts with embedded wiring helps reduce noise and turbulence

  • Stator struts sit on a wide angle to the trailing edge of the blades, resulting in a lower noise level and smoother noise profile


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  • Size
    180 x 180 x 38 mm
  • Screw hole pattern
    165 x 165 mm
  • Power Connector
  • Bearing
  • Number of blades
  • Rotational speed
    300 – 1200 RPM
  • Noise level
    16 – 35.4 dB(A)
  • Max airflow
    44.9 – 153.7 CFM
  • Max airflow
    76.33 – 261.29 m³/h
  • Max pressure
    0.4 – 2.26 mmH2O
  • Input power
    4.2W at 12VDC
  • Maximum rated input current
  • Nominal input Voltage
  • Minimum startup voltage
  • MTTF
    90,000 hrs
  • Fan weight
    499 g
  • Cable length
    1000 mm
  • Cable type
    Black ribbon cable


  • Package contents
    Dynamic X2 GP-18 fan, 4x fan screws, 4x 43 mm M4 radiator screws, 4x 43 mm 6-32 radiator screws
  • Package weight
    548 g
  • Package dimensions (Including hanging tab)
    227 x 182 x 40 mm
  • Package dimensions (Excluding hanging tab)
    182 x 182 x 40 mm
  • EAN
  • UPC
  • JAN
  • Product code