Introducing the Pop Series

Expressive airflow or sleek silence

Fractal fuse style and function in the Pop Series – a brand-new case family. Pop Air features a mesh front to prioritize airflow, while Pop Silent offers sound-dampened panels and a closed front to help minimize sound. While Pop Air and Pop Silent might differ in their ambitions, both styles offer a solid build quality, a straight-forward layout, and a uniquely stylish design expression.

Pop Air brings attitude to airflow, melding precision engineering with dynamic design. This includes a range of cases with vividly colored motherboard plates, drive trays and exterior accents for a fresh, expressive feel. The functional focal point of Pop Air is at the front, where a honeycomb mesh provides access to fan-powered cooling.  As with all Pop Series cases, the front also introduces a neatly concealed storage drawer which can be used to stow away desktop clutter or be replaced to host up to two optical drives.

Pop Silent combines quiet performance with a sleek, minimalist design aesthetic. It features a sound-dampened closed front, side panel, and top to help deliver an all-round quieter experience. Its clean appearance and sound-dampening functionality allow Pop Silent to serve as a quietly stylish case for mixed use, productivity, and lighter gaming.

If one distinction was not enough, both Pop Air and Pop Silent are available in Mini and XL versions to offer a truly diverse and flexible range of cases for a wide variety of build aspirations. Whether looking to create a large airflow-centric gaming system or a small and silent productivity partner, Pop Series offers a strong, stylish, and versatile option.

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