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Venturi HF-12

The Venturi High Flow Series fans, HF-12, are optimized for low-restriction airflow environments, making them an excellent choice for computer case fans, or other low-restriction usage scenarios.

Designed with a variety of performance-increasing and noise-reducing features, these fans can move an amazing amount of air compared to other fans at the same, minimal noise level.

The Venturi High Flow Series fans are ideal for those looking for a perfect balance between high performance and low noise built from sturdy, high-quality materials.

Key features

  • Featuring true FDB-bearings, providing silent operation coupled with a long lifespan
  • Equipped with a counter-balanced magnet that reduces the axial tension on the bearing
  • Features integrated vibration-dampening corners, made from solid high-quality synthetic rubber
  • Dense, sturdy construction, made from high-grade glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer
  • Fan geometry is optimized for a ground-breaking airflow, perfect for low-restriction usage scenarios such as computer case ventilation and low-density heatsinks or radiators.
  • Aerodynamically shaped thin stator struts reduce noise and unwanted turbulence
  • Strategically placed notches on the blades further reduce and diffuse any humming noise produced when the blades pass the stator struts
  • The tripwire technology introduces a micro-turbulent layer that combats elements that negatively affect performance, resulting in quieter operation
  • Featuring a powerful motor to maintain a reliable speed and a low-speed adapter for reducing the speed without the use of a fan controller
  • Available in 120mm and 140mm fan sizes
  • Available in two color combinations, Black blades, black corners, dark grey ("Gunmetal") frame and White blades, black corners, black frame





Size [mm]


Colors available

Black blades, black corners, dark grey ("Gunmetal") frame 

White blades, black corners, black frame

Screw hole pattern



3-pin fan header



Number of blades


Rotational speed [RPM]


Acoustical noise [dB (A)]


Maximum air flow [CFM]


Maximum air flow [m 3/h]


Maximum pressure [mm H 2 O]


Actual input power [W]


Maximum rated input current [A]


Nominal input voltage [V]


Minimum startup voltage [V]


Low speed adapter speed

1100 RPM

Low speed adapter Static pressure

 0.89 mm H2O

Low speed adapter Air flow

65.8 CFM

111.8 m3/h 

Low speed adapter Noise level

19.0 dB (A)

MTBF [hours]


Unit weight [g]


Package weight [g]


Cable length [mm]


Cable type

Braided all-black ribbon wire

Packaging dimensions [mm]

(Including hanging tab)


Packaging dimensions [mm]

(Excluding hanging tab)



Package contents

  • Venturi Series fan
  • Screw pack with 4 metal screws
  • Low-speed adapter 


TECHICIZE.COM 2015-09-15

"The Venturi is another fine and deserving addition to the ever-growing Fractal Range, yes they are on the expensive side. Based on everything we’ve seen today though, they are worth every penny. Performance both thermally and acoustics are fantastic." 

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TWEAK.DK 2015-10-12

"Fractal Design har lavet nogle rigtig fine blæsere, med nogle ret gode specifikationer. Kendetegnet for dem alle er, at de virker robuste og af en rigtig god kvalitet." 

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3DGAMEMAN.COM 2015-08-26

"The Fractal Design Venturi HF-14 & HP-14 140mm Fans are outstanding, but each has their own purpose. The HF line are intended for high air flow setups, while the HP line are for high pressure setups. Both fans offer excellentperformance, are quiet, able to fits 120mm holes and look awesome." 

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"The good:

+ High quality felling and excellent product presentation
+ Metal plate for the rotor
+ Modular corners for increased adaptability (for the 140 mm)
+ Very good ratio of performance and noise output.
+ Good bundle

The bad:

– Price, but it should be worth it
– The fans could have had better static pressure" 

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"Le venturi représentent le haut de gamme de la marque, on y trouve donc des matériaux de meilleure qualité (plastique pour la carcasse, autocollant en métal à l'arrière, roulement plus haut de gamme etc..), un bundle plus conséquent (adaptateur 2 x 4-pin -> 1 x 4-pin ainsi que des caoutchouc pour un fixation sur emplacement 12cm pour la version 14 cm, un adaptateur permettant de réduire les RPM maximum sur le 12cm) mais également une plage de fonctionnement plus étendue. Les performances sont logiquement plus élevées que les Dynamic du fait d'une vitesse de rotation plus élevée au maximum sans pour autant dénigrer les nuisances sonores au repos, ce qui fait des Venturi d'excellents ventilateurs pour une utilisation sur ventirad." 

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