Four new concentrated classics

Meshify 2 & Define 7 – Mini & Nano

Fractal announces the arrival of four new streamlined cases, adding Mini and Nano form factors to the popular Meshify 2 and Define 7 series. All four cases feature the same recognizable exterior design expressions as their larger siblings, while offering many of the quality-of-life features associated with each series. The highly requested Mini and Nano form factors also offer generous compatibility, accessibility, and flexibility, concentrated into space-conscious sizes.

Meshify 2 Mini

The Meshify 2 Mini offers an excellent combination of airflow and flexibility, in a form-factor optimized for mATX. The bold yet refined exterior design, with its asymmetric angular mesh front, is complemented by a flush TG panel and a fully removable top. Its accessible and intuitive interior layout makes it easy and enjoyable to build a stylish, airflow-centric system.

Define 7 Mini

The Define 7 Mini offers the same stylish appeal and many of the life-improving features of its larger siblings, in a condensed form factor. Its compact yet spacious interior can accommodate mATX and Mini ITX motherboards for a sleek and streamlined system. Additionally, like all four new Mini and Nano cases, it offers the option to house a GPU up to 331 mm with a 240 mm radiator in the top.

Meshify 2 Nano

The Meshify 2 Nano offers ITX form-factor enthusiasts plenty of scope for creative builds through excellent radiator support for its size and the ability to accommodate a GPU of up to 331 mm.  It also features a fully removable top, bolt-free side panels and a removable front mesh to make building and cable routing easy and enjoyable. The flexible design and angular asymmetry are complemented by a flush TG panel to showcase internal components.

Define 7 Nano

The Define 7 Nano re-defines precision, bringing clean design and a host of features from its larger siblings to a minimized form factor. The compact yet spacious interior can accommodate all Mini ITX and Mini-DTX motherboards. Like all four new Mini and Nano cases, there’s even room for a GPU up to 306 mm when mounting a 25 mm thick front fan, making Define 7 Nano a highly compatible case for its streamlined format.


Both Meshify 2 & Define 7 – Mini & Nano are out now – check with your favorite retailer about availability