Introducing the largest Meshify ever: the Meshify S2

Enjoy unparalleled performance with more room and features in the latest Meshify.

Fractal Design, a leading designer and manufacturer of enthusiast PC cases and components, today announced a new addition to the highly acclaimed Meshify series with the launch of the Meshify S2. The new Meshify S2 features the series’ largest and most advanced design yet with bold aesthetics and unprecedented performance potential.

Meshify S2 from Fractal Design

Immense cooling capacity

Meshify S2 boasts immense cooling capacity with three pre-installed Dynamic X2 fans and nine total fan positions supporting radiators up to 420 mm in the top, 360 mm in front, and 280 mm in the base.  Adjustable reservoir brackets and pump mounts are complemented by an innovative removable bracket allowing radiators to be installed directly through the top of the case.

The versatile PSU shroud features alternate SSD mounts and support for the Flex VRC-25 Vertical GPU Riser, available separately.  Other new additions include USB Type-C, Nexus+ Smart Hub, E-ATX support, and bolt-free tempered glass with push-to-lock latching mechanism.

Revolutionary design

The Meshify S2 combines all the strengths of its predecessors with Fractal Design’s most revolutionary design elements, and its iconic angular mesh offers more than just a distinctive look—it augments air intake and unleashes the true potential of the open-layout PC.

Unrivalled performance demands to be seen in the Meshify S2.

Image of Fractal Design Meshify S2S2Visit our product pages for more information:
Meshify S2 Black – Dark TG
Meshify S2 Black – TG
Meshify S2 White – TG
Meshify S2