Presenting four new products

Presenting four new products designed to elevate the PC gaming experience, including our first ever chair and headset. As with both of our new cases, our Refine (chair) and Scape (headset) build on the principles of our heritage with a focus on elegant design, premium quality and a smooth and enjoyable user experience. Our new case products, Mood and Era 2, are designed to offer a premium gaming experience in streamlined formats.


Fractal Refine is designed with a clear purpose in mind — to create a comfortable, versatile place to sit and become fully and enjoyably immersed in the gaming experience. To achieve this, we took inspiration from modern gaming spaces, Scandinavian furniture design and research-led ergonomic science, to fuse the ergonomics of high-end office chairs together with intuitive controls and an aesthetic designed to elevate the gaming station.

It offers a range of easy-to-use adjustment features, including headrest height, seat height and depth, lumbar support depth and height, armrests in four directions and tilt tension. The tilt is also lockable in thirteen positions and offers fluid, ergonomic recline thanks to the synchro-tilt mechanism which moves in tandem with the user’s body as they lean back.

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Scape offers a rich, comfortable and intuitive wireless audio experience. Designed with clean lines, soft fabric, and paired with a wireless charging stand, it offers a clean, decluttered gaming aesthetic. The charging stand also provides hassle-free inductive charging so users can simply pick up Scape and jump into their game without thinking about their battery level.

Scape also offers audio connectivity through a low-latency dongle or multi-device Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and comes with a Super Wideband, flip-to-mute detachable microphone. With ambient lighting and audio presets which are easily customized through Adjust Pro, our free-to-use online configuration tool, Scape offers a tailored experience without the need for software.

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Available on June 18th, Mood is designed to streamline the gaming station with a look which harmonizes with the homes of modern gamers. It features a minimized footprint and a sleek fabric outer body which slides off for 360° access to the build. Inside, Mood houses a powerful 180 mm fan at the top, which moves air up through its pillar-shaped body to help keep components stay cool. It can also neatly conceal a 325 mm graphics card, allowing users to integrate a PC which offers a full gaming experience seamlessly into their home.

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Era 2

Era 2 is an evolution of our iconic small form factor case — melding design innovation with engineering prowess. In Era 2, the series has been refined and enhanced, furthering its distinctive architectural design and improving its cooling capability for a smoother gaming experience. With water cooling compatibility and ventilation on five sides, including a sleek, magnet-fastened ventilation panel in solid walnut, Era 2 is a small form factor case which stays cool under pressure. Its elegantly sculpted outer body is crafted from anodized aluminum and slides off in one piece to reveal an intuitive, well-constructed interior. Inside, it can house a powerful GPU up to 326 mm in length and a range of cooling options.

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