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Node 304 Black

The Node 304 features a unique modular interior for outstanding configurability.

The Node 304 accommodates up to six hard drives. Unused mounting brackets can be removed to allow for long graphic cards, additional airflow or more space for organizing cables. Additionally, it is equipped with three hydraulic bearing fans, easy-to-clean air filters in all intakes and two front USB 3.0 ports.

Featuring hybrid functionality, the Node 304 case is ideally used as a cool-running file server, a stylish and quiet home theatre PC or a powerful gaming system highlighting minimalistic and stunning Scandinavian design and maximum functionality.

Key features

  • Compact, modular interior
  • Minimalistic design with an elegant aluminum front panel
  • Unique new modular mounting system that accommodates up to 6 hard drives
  • Accommodates tower CPU coolers and single-fan water cooling systems
  • Filtered air intakes ensure a dust-free environment for internal components
  • Three Silent Series R2 hydraulic bearing fans included
  • Excellent cooling for all components
  • Accommodates ATX power supplies
  • Fan controller for all fans included
  • USB 3.0 for fast file transfers


  • Mini ITX, Mini DTX motherboard compatibility; NOTE: motherboards with SATA ports that are angled 90 degrees may conflict with installation in the case.
  • 2 expansion slots
  • 6 – supports either 3.5" or 2.5" HDD / SSD
  • ATX PSUs, up to 160mm in length (To fit in combination with a long graphics card, PSUs with modular connectors on the back typically need to be shorter than 160 mm)
  • Graphics cards, up to 310mm in length, when 2 HDD slots (1 HDD hanging bracket total) are removed (Graphics cards longer than 170 mm will conflict with PSUs longer than 160mm)
  • Tower CPU coolers, up to 165 mm tall
  • Case dimensions (W x H x D): 250 x 210 x 374 mm
  • Case volume: 19.5 Liters
  • Net weight: 4.9 kg
  • Colors available: Black and White

Cooling system

  • 2 - Front mounted 92mm Silent Series R2 hydraulic bearing fans, 1300 RPM speed (compatible with 80mm fans) – included
  • 1 - Rear mounted 140mm Silent Series R2 hydraulic bearing fan, 1000 RPM speed (compatible with 120mm fans) – included
  • Removable air filters for front fans and PSU
  • Fan filter for graphics card
  • 1 - fan controller for all 3 fans included

Front interface

  • 2 - USB 3.0
  • 1 - 3.5mm audio in (microphone)
  • 1 - 3.5mm audio out (headphone)
  • Power button with LED

Package contents

  • Node 304 computer case
  • User manual
  • Accessory box

Additional information

  • EAN/GTIN-13: 7350041080978
  • UPC: 817301010979
  • Product code: FD-CA-NODE-304-BL
  • Available for System Integrators 



PCGAMERS.NET.AU 2013-06-11

"The Node 304 is a small form factor case with a very unassuming front panel. On first inspection, we thought it looked like a HTPC or piece of home theatre equipment - maybe a NAS at a stretch but not really a high end gaming demon. How wrong we were. "

Watch full review at PCGAMERS

 TECHALOOK 2013-12-11

"這個Fractal Design推出的這個NODE 304電腦機殼呢!在整體來說呢!它裡面的配置非常的獨特,以及它的外型也蠻有設計感的,蠻有簡約的感覺。它蠻適合用來組小型的gaming PC,或是把它當成一個影音的平台,看影片、聽音樂,把它放在客廳,或者呢!組成一個NAS的系統也是蠻適合的哦!"

Watch full video review at TechaLook YouTube channel


PISCOMU 2013-12-10

"그로 인해 고성능의 CPU 쿨러(Cooler)를 지원하면서, 기본적으로 PCI슬롯도 2단으로 지원해 고성능의 게이밍(Gaming) PC 구상이 가능하겠습니다. 또한, 이와 반대로 모듈식 HDD 베이(Bay)를 지원해 총 6개의 저장장치가 가능하다라는 점에 미디어 PC구상으로도 가능하다라는 점까지, 케이스 길이나 높이가 한쪽으로 치우치는 크기를 가지지 않으면서 양쪽 모두 갖출 수 있는 구조라는 점에 나름 신경을 많이 쓴 제품이라 할 수 있습니다."

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 HARDWARE.NO 2013-11-15

" Fractal Design Node 304 er et veldig fint og lite kabinett, til en ganske så hyggelig pris. [...] Plass til seks harddisker i et så lite kabinett er imponerende, men så er også monteringen svært enkel og grunnleggende. Du må skru mange skruer selv, men trøsten er at den vesle boksen kan bli en ganske anstendig filserver, eller NAS."

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59HARDWARE.NET 2013-11-08

"Au final un boîtier qui nous a séduit par sa conception, il présente une multitude de possibilité d'intégration avec bien évidemment certaines limites. Nous les estimons faibles par rapport à une utilisation courante, ne rêvons pas le boîtier universel n'existe pas.
Label recommandé pour ce Node 304."

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 風月無邊 2013-10-22

"機殼的選擇,除了外觀造型的印象分數之外,內部格局的設計以及風流是否能夠妥善帶走廢熱,一直是自己在選購機殼的重點,由於自己想要打造的多媒體機兼農場是要基於 ITX 大小的主機板下去架構,對於機殼的要求,近乎苛求,每個環節都是再三斟酌,不管是內部走線、散熱器的使用空間、擴充空間的最大化乃至於整體大小,在一一過濾市售類似規格的機殼之後,決定選擇 Fractal Design Node 304 這款來自瑞典的機殼。"

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"At less than $90, the Fractal Design Node 304 White is a very unique case that appears more than capable for a number of different types of users."

Read full review at MissingRemote.com

 PC FUNS 玩家联盟 2013-10-12

"Fractal Design Node 304给我们带来了全新的视觉体验,外观简约时尚,内部设计严谨紧凑,配件兼容性得到保证。我们可以通过三档位三风扇调速器在散热与噪音之间自我平衡。需要注意的一点是如果安装显卡大于170mm,那么电源长度一定要保持在160mm以内,否则会出现不兼容的情况。"

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"北欧の洗練された、シンプルで機能的なものと解釈するようだが、「Node 304」も既存モデル同様に“モダンスタイル”が受け継がれている。その象徴と言えるのは、オープンベイを省略した思い切りの良いフラットなフロントパネルであり、余分なデコレーションを一切排除したことで、Fractal Design独特な雰囲気を小型Cubeケースでも見事に再現している。"

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Award from PCaxe.com

PCAXE.COM 2013-09-16

"Kućište kao kućište dobija “PCAXE Platinum” nagradu zbog kvaliteta, fan kontrolera, dobre ventilacije, dobre filtracije i naravno, opšte inovativnosti. Dok dizajn zaslužuje posebnu nagradu: “PCAXE Advanced Design” bedž. Kućišta namenjena mITX pločama još uvek su dosta retka, tako da na kućišta ovog formata za sad možemo samo balaviti i oduševljavati se. Node 304 je u svakom pogledu kvalitetan, lep i kompletan proizvod. Ukoliko planirate kupovinu nekog HTPC računara, ovo kućište će se odlično uklopiti u bilo kakav dnevni boravak. Sa druge strane, ako ste ambiciozni i želite da strpate punokrvnu radnu ili igračku mašinu u Node 304, nećete pogrešiti, ali treba da pazite oko izbora komponenti."

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EXPREVIEW.COM 2013-08-27

"Fractal Design Node 304不论在外观造型上还是内部设计,都给我们不一样的感官刺激。带弧度的铝合金面板的做工让人赏心悦目,内部结构设计严谨紧凑,配件兼容性得到保证,三档风扇转速调控能在散热能力与噪音之间得到很好的平衡。"

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Award from Dawfreak.se

DAWFREAK.SE 2013-08-14

"Fractal Design is my preferred brand for Studio and gaming PC´s, I have yet to se anything that is as flexible, well designed, cool and QUIET as the Define R4. The NODE 304 shows me that no matter the size, fractal design manage to deliver quality cases for everyone and every situation."

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Award from Direks-ComputerEcke.de


"Zusammenfassend kann man sagen, dass Fractal Design Node 304 kann den gesteckten Ansprüchen durchaus gerecht werden. Mit seiner leicht gebogenen Front aus gebürstetem Aluminium macht das kleine Gehäuse auch im Wohnzimmer eine gute Figur."

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Award from ComputerEdRadio.com


"The Node 304 wins the 2013 Golden Mic award from Computer Ed Radio! This year our taste in computer cases changed as we here at Computer Ed Radio fell in love with Small Form Factor building. So our choice for the case category was easy. The Node 304 is a small form factor case designed to use mITX motherboards. The case design allows for a small foot print but still has room for a number of cooling solutions including the use of some AiO coolers. Silent operation with great cooling potential and Fractal’s minimalistic styling means this case not only is great for building but sexy to look at."

Read full review at ComputerEdRadio.com

M4GIC.NET 2013-07-19

"Fractal Design bietet mit dem Node 304 Gehäuse ein wunderbares, ansehnliches Gehäuse für Mini-ITX Boards. Man braucht sich absolut nicht zu fürchten, wenn man trotz Mini-ITX leistungsstarke Rechner entwerfen möchte. Damit bietet Fractal Design freie Bahn mit dem Node 304. Daher vergeben wir dem Node 304 Gehäuse den M4gic Protip Award!"

Read full review at m4gic.net

Award from Play3r.net

PLAY3R.NET 2013-07-17

"Overall I really like the build quality of the Fractal Node and this is simply due to the high pride that Fractal design takes into their case design as well as the quality checks that they make during the manufacturing process. The Fractal Node is an excellent case, with high build quality excellent internal storage options."

Read full review at Play3r.net

INPAI.COM.CN 2013-07-05

"Node 304可以说是现今Mini-ITX机箱中相当优秀的产品,不论在功能与兼容性上尽可能地做到了极致,同时给PC一个清新、舒适的形象。对于功能上充分考虑、用料上相当「厚道」的一台ITX机箱来说,是相当良心了。"

Read full review at INPAI.com.cn

CHIPHELL.COM 2013-06-13

"Fractal Design的Node 304这款机箱结构设计非常好,作为一款钢箱,价格非常实惠,用料也很足,这次进入中国也给大家带来了更多的选择"

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Award from PCgamers.net.au

PCGAMERS.NET.AU 2013-06-11

"The Node 304 really is a great mini-ITX case at a good price. It should be at the top of your list if you are looking to build a small, quiet gaming rig. HTPC or small home server builders should also keep the Node 304 in mind due to its versatility and form factor."

Read full review at PCgamers.net.au

 Award from Occlub.ru

OCCLUB.RU 2013-04-15

"В результате получилась система, способная как на практически бесшумную работу на стандартных настройках, так и на высокие нагрузки. Благодаря трем вентиляторам температуры процессора и видеокарты при работе в корпусе всего на 2 градуса отличаются от температур при работе на открытом стенде, поэтому за охлаждение корпусу я ставлю твердую пятерку. Даже на минимальных оборотах вентиляторов картина не меняется.[...]У Fractal Design получился очень интересный и необычный корпус, способный охладить пыл любой маленькой, но горячей игровой системы."

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Award from Muropaketti.com


"Fractal Design Node 304 on mitoiltaan vertailujoukon pienemmästä päästä, mutta siitä huolimatta sen hillityn tyylikkäästi muotoillun ulkokuoren sisään on onnistuttu tiivistämään paikat melkoiselle määrälle komponentteja. Kokonaisuudessaan Node 304:n rakenne on nerokkaan yksinkertainen ja tarjoaa mukavasti muunneltavuutta käyttäjän tarpeiden mukaan."

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Award from LANOC.org

LANOC.ORG 2013-04-09

"When we dug into the Node 304, I was seriously blown away by its styling. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that we had another Mini ITX case in from Fractal Design called the Array. I (Wes) was impressed with that case and still keep it around for use to this day. Its hard to believe that Fractal was able to find a way to improve on that design enough to surprise me. The Node 304 is a great looking case that even from across the room you will be able to tell it is a Fractal case. The clean styling is what they are all about and with more and more gamers getting older, having kids, and moving up in the world, the market for clean cases continues to grow. A good example of this styling is the location of the front I/O panel and power button, Fractal tucked it around on the side where it is still easy to get to but kept the front clean. Really my only complaint came with the limited room for power supplies in the Node 304, especially if you need to install a long video card. Those of you looking for a good price will also be impressed with the Node 304, at less than $90 its a great deal as well."

Read full review at LANOC.org

Award from PCfoster.pl

PCFOSTER.PL 2013-04-07

"NODE 304, to obudowa bardzo niepozorna, która z zewnątrz wydaje się być kolejną, przeciętną konstrukcją dla HTPC, jednak po bliższych oględzinach i zajrzeniu do środka, okazuje się, że jest to model niezwykle funkcjonalny. Przede wszystkim trzeba podkreślić możliwość zamontowania aż sześciu dysków twardych, pełnowymiarowego zasilacza, wysokiego coolera CPU i długiej karty graficznej (po usunięciu jednej tacki na dwa dyski). Oprócz tego Fractal Design zapewnia nam doskonałą jakość wykonania, trzy wentylatory w zestawie, kontroler obrotów, filtry przeciwkurzowe oraz kabel USB 3.0 z dodatkową wtyczką dla USB 2.0. Zabrakło nam jednak przycisku Reset oraz możliwości montażu zewnętrznego napędu 5,25 cala. Ogólnie rzecz biorą, NODE 304 to produktem bardzo udanym, który sprawdzi się w roli eleganckiego HTPC w naszym salonie."

Read full review at PCfoster.pl

IT-WORLD.RU 2013-04-03

"Оригинальный подход к компоновке Fractal Design Node 304 позволяет сделать, казалось бы, невозможное – собрать в корпусе таких размеров 6-дисковый NAS или даже мощную игровую станцию. Новинку наверняка оценят как корпоративные, так и домашние пользователи, а сам корпус органично впишется в любой интерьер."

Read full review at it-world.ru

Award from HW-Journal.de

HW-JOURNAL.DE 2013-03-25

"Mit dem Node 304 hat Fractal Design viel richtig gemacht und tatsächlich einen guten Allrounder geschaffen. Durch die Möglichkeit bis zu sechs 3,5" Festplatten zu verbauen, lässt sich das Gehäuse als Homeserver oder NAS verwenden. Dass aber auch längere Grafikkarten und große Towerkühler Platz finden, ist es problemlos möglich, den kleinen Cube als Gaming-PC zu konfigurieren. Doch auch mit dem schlichten, zeitlosem Design wird das Node 304 bei vielen Anwendern punkten. Bei der Verarbeitung kann das Node 304 ebenfalls durchweg positiv zu überzeugen. Mit dem Netzteil in der Front setzt Fractal Design auf einen eher ungewöhnlicheren Aufbau, der sich in der Praxis als sehr durchdacht herausstellt. So lassen gewöhnliche ATX-Netzteile im Gehäuse verbauen."

Read full review at HW-Journal.de

Award from Tweakpc.de

TWEAKPC.DE 2013-03-25

"Das Fractal Design Node 304 wird zum Preis von etwa 90 Euro angeboten (Zum Beispiel bei Amazon ) und ist optisch ein echtes Higlight unter den Mini-IXT-Gehäusen."

Read full review at Tweakpc.de

Award from Hardwaremax.net


"Fractal Design hat mit dem Node 304 ein sehr durchdachtes Mini-Itx Gehäuse im Portfolio. Die Montagemöglichkeiten sind aus unserer Sicht umwerfend. So bekommt man in das kleine Gehäuse High-End Grafikkarten sowie vollwertige Tower-Kühler verbaut. Einziger Wehrmutstropfen ist der fehlende 5 ¼ Zoll Schacht. Wer darauf jedoch nicht angewiesen ist, wird mit dem Node 304 seine Freude haben. Ob man sich jetzt einen kleinen Server oder einen hochwertigen Gamer-PC baut, mit dem Node 304 lässt sich so ziemlich alles umsetzen."

Read full review at Hardwaremax.net

PCLAB.PL 2013-03-18

"To świetnie wykonana, ładna obudowa i jak na “miniaturowe standardy” – całkiem przemyślana."

Read full review at PClab.pl

Award from Guru3d.com

GURU3D.COM 2013-03-12

"So if you are in the market for a very compact chassis to house your Mini ITX or DTX motherboard that has flexibility, features and great looks then yeah, the Fractal Design Node 304 should be very high on your shopping list. It is compact, looks great and would make for an excellent file-server thanks to the large amount of HDD space. Pop in a AMD APU based motherboard like we did and boom, you just created yourself a fine Home Theater PC. Add in something a little more spicy and you can even insert a graphics card. Graphics cards up to 310mm in length are supported when 2 HDD brackets are removed, but remember that graphics cards longer than 170 mm will conflict with PSUs longer than 160mm. So PSUs wise, less then 150mm length and modular are the keywords here."

Read full review at Guru3d.com

Award from ThinkComputers.org


"The Node 304 is coming into a very popular market right now and after taking a look at it I can tell it is going to be a top choice of consumers. It has a very elegant design, it is something that you can sit on your desk and it is not going to look out of place. The really compact size means that you can fit it pretty much anywhere, and that it is going to be easy to take with you to LAN parties."

Read full review at ThinkComputers.org

Award from Whitex-modd.de

WHITEX-MODD.DE 2013-02-18

"Abschließend zu diesem Review stellt sich natürlich die Frage, ob das Fractal Design Node 304 das Spagat zwischen gut durchdachtem Cube Gehäuse und leistungsfähigem Mini-Allrounder schafft. Diese Frage ist eindeutig mit ja zu beantworten, das Gehäuse wurde gut verarbeitet und wirkt dabei, auch wenn es Geschmackssache ist, rundum edel. Außerdem sind kleine Features wie die verbaute Lüftersteuerung oder die Staubfilter ein nettes Gimmick, welche über einen zu lauten 140mm Lüfter hinweg schauen lassen und zusätzlich eine anwenderspezifische Steuerung der Lüfter ermöglichen."

Read full review at Whitex-modd.de


"Looking at the outside of the Node 304 first we have a case which is built to Fractal Design's usual high standards. The brushed metal front panel which is almost blank looks great and should blend into home theatre environments with ease... or look great sitting on a desk. The main chassis is also nice and sturdy and we noted no quality issues with the soldering or assembly."

Read full review at HardwareHeaven.com

Award from Overclock3D.net

OVERCLOCK3D.NET 2013-02-13

"The build quality is solid and the case is nicely ventilated, plus with the ability for this to be used as a smart looking HTPC and/or a nas unit makes it stand out from the crowd and not only justify its price but also the OC3D Gold award."

Read full review at Overclock3D.net

Award from icrontic.com

ICRONTIC.COM 2013-02-10

"rall, I’m a fan of this case. I wanted a small, elegant PC with a focused set of hardware inside—and that’s just what this case let me build. If this is the kind of thing you’re looking for, I’d highly recommend the Node 304."

Read full review at icrontic.com


"A clean design with Fractal's usual attention to detail. The Node 304 is certainly one of the best ITX cases around[.]"

Read full review at Computeractive.co.uk

Award from TweakTown.com

TWEAKTOWN.COM 2013-01-31

"For Fractal Design's first attempt at a mini-ITX design, I have the commend them on the Node 304. It is sleek, well-appointed, and won't cost you an arm and a leg to own it."

Read full review at TweakTown.com

Award from Vortez.net

VORTEZ.NET 2013-01-31

"With favourable characteristics that will look great next to any home entertainment system, Node 304 is a valiant effort for Fractal Design’s first Mini-ITX chassis. It delivers on quality, size and cooling."

Read full review at Vortez.net

Award from Technic3D.com

TECHNIC3D.COM 2013-01-31

"Alles in allem hat uns das Node 304 von Fractal Design überzeugt und kann ohne Bauchschmerzen weiterempfohlen werden. Das Node 304 kombiniert ein schickes Exterieur, mit einem durchdachten Innenaufbau und einem leisen, leistungsstarken Kühlsystem. Der Preis von knapp 95 Euro geht unserer Meinung nach vollkommen in Ordnung."

Read full review at Technic3D.com

Award from Overclockers.com


"Overall, Fractal Designs has a solid case on its hands. What you have on the outside is what Fractal was going for, a sleek, minimalistic design. On the inside you have the ability to fit a full-sized, to a limit of course, video cards, ATX power supplies under 160mm, and up to six hard drives. The case overall is a bit smaller than the BitFenix Prodigy, but still manages to keep things cool on the inside, even with a powerful GPU like the 7970 exhausting mostly inside the case.[...]The Fractal Design Node 304 should be a top consideration when looking for a small ITX case in the sub-$100 range."

Read full review at Overclockers.com


"У Fractal Design получился очень интересный корпус. Он универсален и кроме основы для домашней мультимедийной системы может быть использован в качестве базы для производительного компьютера с мощной видеокартой. Стоит отметить стильный внешний вид и неплохо справляющуюся со своей задачей систему охлаждения. Впервые встретившись с моделями подобного форм-фактора, я был удивлен. Шутка ли, на системе, собранной в Node 304, можно комфортно играть в мультиплеер BattleField 3 на максимальных параметрах, а места при этом занимается чуть ли не вдвое меньше по сравнению с моим Lian Li V1020!"

Read full review at Overclockers.ru

Award from Kitguru.net

KITGURU.NET 2013-01-23

"The Node 304 oozes similar minimalistic style to the Define Range, making it ideal for use as a home theatre PC. The low noise level of the case also makes it ideal for this purpose. Additionally, there is also room for a performance liquid CPU cooler meaning that there is plenty of potential for overclocking."

Read full review at Kitguru.net

Award from HardwareMX.com


"Sin duda hasta este momento puedo decir que Fractal Design ha hecho un buen trabajo, cable management, suficiente espacio como para albergar seis discos duros y llegar aproximadamente a los 24TB en bruto, distancia necesaria para instalar una tarjeta de rango medio alto como la GTX 670 y todo esto a una temperatura de no más de 38°C en reposo, en carga jugando un par de títulos como el Metro 2033 y Team Fortress 2 las temperaturas no pasaron de 51°C, haciendo mención de su controlador de ventiladores es bastante eficiente a mi parecer."

Read full review at HardwareMX.com

Award from Hardbloxx.de

HARDBLOXX.DE 2013-01-10

"Das Runde muss ins Eckige hört man oft, und das kann man im übertragenden Sinne auch auf das Fractal Design Node 304 beziehen, denn ihr als Kunden habt hier ein sehr gelungenes Rundumpaket in kleinen, eckigen Abmessungen. Der Würfel eignet sich fürs Wohnzimmer, als Server oder fürs Gaming gleichermaßen. Ihr erhaltet ein durchweg gelungenes, schlichtes Gehäuse für jeden Einsatzzweck.[...] Durch die Vielfältigkeit, die das Fractal Design Node 304 bietet und da es auch die meisten Standard-Hardware-Komponenten fassen kann, hat das kleine Platzwunder unseren Leistungsaward redlich verdient."

Read full review at Hardbloxx.de

Award from DDworld.cz

DDWORLD.CZ 2013-01-08

"FractalDesign NODE 304 je ideální skříň, když chcete výkonný, ale zároveň rozměrově co nejmenší počítač. A tím výkonný a počítač, myslíme skutečně výkonný počítač! Žádná ultra úsporná a ultra málo výkonná 15W procesorová ořezávátka a integrované, nebo low endové grafiky. Do Node 304 můžete osadit klidně počítač na téměř nejvýkonnějších komponentách, které dnešní trh nabízí. Jediné velké omezení je deska velikosti mini-ITX, od které musíte výběr počítače, umístěný do této skříně, zahájit. Ale jak jsme vám ukázali, ani to dnes není problém. Co NODE 304 nabízí, není ani zdaleka samozřejmostí a je tak opravdu povedenou skříní klidně i pro výkonem high endový počítač, ovšem s třetinovým rozměrem i proti větším Midi skříním, natož ještě mohutnějším big tower skříním."

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Award from Connecteddigitalworld.com


"And I seem to say this every time I review something from Fractal Design, but great job – you have yet another winner on your hands."

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Award from ExtraHardware.cz


"Node 304 od Fractal Designu nás príjemne prekvapila. Ide konečne o malú skrinku, ktorá zhltne s prehľadom i dospelé komponenty. Osadiť môžete high-endovú grafickú kartu, rovnako tak výkonný procesor s poriadnym chladičom podľa vlastného gusta. K tomu môžete nainštalovať toľko diskov, koľko vaša mini-ITX doska dovolí, a to všetko môžete napájať výkonným zdrojom ATX podľa vlastného výberu. Nezabúdajte na to, že sa bavíme o ani nie 20litrovej skrinke, ktorá objemom predstavuje asi tak tretinu z priemerného midi toweru. Najlepšie na tom je, že ono použitie výkonných komponentov nebude znamenať ich prehrievanie."

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Award from Clube do Hardware


"O Fractal Design Node 304 é uma excelente opção para usuários montado um computador compacto que deseja um produto com um design elegante, suporte para fontes de alimentação de tamanho comum e ótimos recursos."

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Award from Wegotserved.com


"The Fractal Design Node 304 case is quite a versatile performer for use in either an HTPC role or for use as a SFF case. I especially like the ability to mount a regular ATX PSU (of my choice) in the case vs. the use of TFX power supplies found in similar cases. It seems universal that user reviews for these particular units almost always complain about the “cheap” supplies that die quickly in these cases.[...]Excellent build quality, an emphasis on quiet operation, a flawless finish, and such niceties as cleanable dust filters can only mean one thing: pride in their product and name."

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Award from Prohardver.hu

PROHARDVER.HU 2012-12-07

"Újabb nagyon igényes házat láttunk a Fractal Desingtól. A Node 304 új méretben, Mini-ITX alapokon hozza azokat az értékeket, amit a gyártótól rövid történelme alatt megszokhattunk. A külső letisztultan elegáns, a belső okosan átgondolt, az anyaghasználat nagyon rendben van, minden tekintetben ügyeltek a részletekre."

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Award from HWT.dk

HWT.DK 2012-12-04

"Fractal Design har igen lavet et kabinet hvor design er en topprioritet, uden at de er gået på kompromis med funktionaliteten."

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Award from Hartware.net


"Somit entpuppt sich das ab rund 90 Euro erhältliche Fractal Design Node 304 als Alleskönner, der viele Computer-Szenarien abdecken kann, auch wenn man teilweise mit kleinen Kompromissen bei der Hardwareauswahl leben muss. Da die positiven Aspekte deutlich überwiegen, vor allem das Platzangebot in einem so kleinen Gehäuse, hat sich das Node 304 die Auszeichnung als "Hartware Redaktionstipp" verdient."

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Award from Cowcotland.com


"Inutile de le nier, nous sommes sous le charme. Ce Node 304 est, à nos yeux, une petite réussite, surtout grâce à l'absence d'un 5.25", permettant ainsi d'obtenir un boitier compact, tout en restant compatible avec de grosses configurations.[...] A 80€ l'exemplaire, il y a de la concurrence, mais ce Fractal Design est le seul, pour l'instant, à offrir un volume compact et une compatibilité avec de gros radiateurs CPU."

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ANANDTECH.COM 2012-11-23

"Where the Node 304 remains essentially bulletproof is its noise profile. At both idle and load, it's still actually difficult to hear at idle or load.[...] It's an attractive, small, quiet case, with reasonable thermal performance. The fact that there are no external drive bays means the exterior is particularly clean, and it's striking.[...] I hope to see the Node 304 employed by enthusiasts and boutiques alike."

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Award from ElektronikTest.dk


"Skønt kabinet, det er der ingen tvivl om. Pladsen er udnyttet utrolig godt, så der er plads til det som de fleste folk kan have brug for i et mini-ITX setup. Kvalitet er der masser af, og det er robust og stærkt bygget, man kan ikke vride i kabinettet. Det hele spiller bare rigtigt godt sammen, og så er det samtidig lækkert at se på. Jeg er ret sikker på dette har WAF (Woman Acceptance Factor), så man er sikret at konen ikke siger nej til at have det stående. Alt i alt, godt arbejde og der er ikke noget at sætte fingre på."

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Award from Hardware Secrets


"The Fractal Design Node 304 is an excellent choice for the user who is building a small form factor (SFF)computer and wants a product with a stylish design, support for regular-sized power supplies, and great features."

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Award from HiTech Legion

HITECH LEGION 2012-11-19

"The Node 304 is a pretty powerful case for its size. Imagine what can be contained internally. Up to six hard drives can be installed. The case fits mini-ITX and DTX motherboards. There is space for a full sized GPU with the two expansion bays, CPU cooler, and PSU. Lastly, there is advanced cooling installed. Small computing has come a long way in the past few years.[...]The Fractal Design Node 304 case is an excellent choice for any HTPC, file server, or LAN box."

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"[...]the Node 304 is an excellent mini-ITX-case. It combines an intelligent interior with a good cooling system and a stylish aluminum front. So Fractal Design prepared this small Swedish morsel well."

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Award from DVTests.com

DVTESTS.COM 2012-11-12

"Fractal Design NODE 304 offers a very elegant and clean design which can fit very well near a big flat TV or as a small black box connected to a network as a NAS system. I want to say that the black matt and white colour scheme is very beautiful and stylish.[…]For me the case is really nice and I can say the modularity is a real plus and this case is suitable to be used as HTPC system or a NAS system."

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"Så länge du kan klara dig utan en optisk enhet, är noden 304 en bra mini-ITX datorlåda. Den kombinerar en intelligent layout med en effektiv kylning och en elegant aluminium front."

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"Если вы сможете смириться с отсутствием оптического привода, то Node 304 можно назвать весьма успешным корпусом mini-ITX. Он сочетает продуманный внутренний дизайн с успешной системой охлаждения и стильной алюминиевой передней панелью. Так что компактный корпус от шведского производителя Fractal Design нас действительно порадовал."

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"Solange man auf ein optisches Laufwerk verzichten kann, ist das Node 304 ein gelungenes Mini-ITX-Gehäuse. Es kombiniert einen intelligenten Innenaufbau mit einem gelungenen Kühlsystem und einer schicken Aluminiumfront. Diesen kleinen Schweden-Happen hat Fractal Design also gut zubereitet."

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Award from Gamezoom.net

GAMEZOOM.NET 2012-11-04

"Die Optik passt, auch die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut gelungen. Mit bis zu sechs Harddisks kann man auch schon ganz gut für Speicherreserven sorgen."

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Award from TodoHTPC

TODOHTPC 2012-10-29

"En resumen una caja fantástica para montar cualquier tipo de ordenador, y especialmente orientada para NAS, HTPC’s y Gaming PC’s. Cuenta con un diseño interior y exterior fantástico, optimizado para la refrigeración y con gran capacidad para nuestros componentes. No podemos mas que darle nuestra máxima nota y el sello de producto recomendable."

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Award from eTeknix

ETEKNIX 2012-10-18

"The Node 304 is certainly one of the best looking M-ITX chassis on the market today, I can see a lot of people buying this simply because of its overall design...for your money you do get unmatched style and rock solid build quality, which is why I am awarding the Node 304 with our Editors Choice Award."

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Award from Sweclockers.com


"Kvalitativ minsting med flexibelt inre. Fractal Design Node 304 är ett utmärkt chassi i storleksklassen."

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Award from Bit-tech.net

BIT-TECH.NET 2012-09-19

"The Node 304 really impressed us with its looks, build quality and flexible interior. Its size means that it's far smaller than the BitFenix Prodigy too, and should appeal to those wanting to make a truly tiny but powerful PC."

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